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One day

Me: It,s a long journey right Pika?

Pika: Yup.

Me: Look! A boomerang!

Pika: It is not a boomerang! It,a BOOmerang!

Me: No! It,s BOOMerang!

Pika: Never mind! Run for your lives!

Bloomerang: Wait!

Me: It,s Bloomerang! Our target!

Bloomerang: What do you want?

Me: Interview! And why you have 9 boomerangs but boost 10 boomerangs? And also why your boomerangs at your head doesn,t reduce but you shoot a boomerang.

Bloomerang: Answer for both of them are actually i can generate boomerangs in 1 second.

Me: K

Bloomerang: K?

Me: Im going before Pika hungry

Pika: Yup.

Bloomerang: Ok bye.

Then i and Pika back to Explorer of Dream's base

Guildmaster John: So why Bloomerang has 9 boomerangs but shoot 10.

Me: Generation.

John: K

The End

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