Created by Mattycn, this is from the fanfic hub. Click Me!


  • Peashooter
  • Snow Pea
  • Hoard of Repeaters
  • Sunflower
  • Wall-Nut
  • Lily Pad
  • Zombie
  • Conehead
  • Buckethead
  • Crazy Dave


One day on the pool the plants were talking before the zombies came on another Survival: Endless game.

Peashooter: A couple 20 more games could let the peashooters run out of peas!

Sunflower: How?

Peashooter: Ok, well underground theres these big peas. My roots collect tiny peas in the big ones and shoot them.

Sunflower: Ok...

Wallnut: What if you hit a snow pea?

Snowpea: Well me and Peashooter have these sensor things that clean out the peas flavour' so if snow pea got a regular pea it would filter it into a snow pea.

Sunflower & Wallnut: Gross!

Zombie: The Zommbbiees are comming...

Peashooter: Come on hoard of repeaters, Fight!

Repeater Hoard: Wooohaaay!

The Repeater Hoard shoot a ton of peas

Sunflower: That reminds me: What happends with repeaters, why do they shoot faster?

Wallnut: Don't say that, you'll get a worse answer!

Sunflower: Whatever...

Repeater Hoard: This is how it happends, we have two sets of roots getting two at a time!

Sunflower: I should of listened to you Wall-Nut.

Wallnut: True!

Hey The narrator hasn't spoken in a while here.

Uh... Thats because... uh... hmm... Huge Wave!

A huge wave of zombies comes

Sunflower:Oh narrator, you can do better!

Repeater Hoard: Hoooaarrrhe! Come on Guys!!!

Peashooter: Bucketheads Repeaters

Repeater Hoard: Hooorrahhheee Buccceeetttteee!!!!

Peashooter: Maby I should get some crazy medicine

Sunflower: Yeah... Maby you should

Another huge wave comes, there are you happy?!?!?!

Sunflower: If its the end, yes!

Repeater Hoard: Bukkkeettt, Hiiittt!!!

Repeater Hoard get rid of everything exept one 1 health zombie.

Sunflower: Why did everyone stop?

Peashooter: No more peas left

Crazy Dave jumps out.

I got peas!

He goes back in and drops a pea in snow peas mouth, amasingly snow pea shoots a snow pea killing the zombie!

Sunflower: Wow! I thought you lied!

Peashooter: Grr!

Wallnut: Calm Down Guys!

Yeah, calm down! Anyway... The end!

Sunflower: Whatever

I Said The End!

Sunflower: Grr

Ok, not the end then, ill cut it here though!

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