Hi! This is my first FanFic here! :P

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Chapter 1.Edit

Peashooter: I'm bored.

Wall-nut: How can you be bored? We need to battle Zombies.


  • Peashooter kills Zombie

Peashooter: And, how is this fun?

Wall-nut: Uhhh, k, you broke me, let's find something cool.


Sunflower:You need to stay here and defend!


Potato Mine: What? How is this boring?

Cactus: Potato Mine has a point.

Peashooter: Whatever, me and Wall-nut are gonna go.

Sunflower:And, how are you gonna do that?

Wall-nut: Minecart.

Potato Mine: Where are you gonna find a minecart?

Peashooter: Wild West.

Cactus: How are you gonna get there?

Peashooter: I won't, Pea Pod!

Pea Pod: Yea?

Peashooter: I need a minecart.

Pea Pod: Kay.

Chapter 2Edit


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