By Drek'TharSuperSword.


Me:Hi Peashooter Zombie!

Peashooter Zombie:Hi!

Me:How can you shoot peas even you don't have peas inside your stomach or something?

Peashooter Zombie: I donno. It instently eppears itselp wen I wana syut plants.

Me:And also, why do your pea damage is weaker than the real peashooter?

Peashooter Zombie: Oh, dat? Hire's whay: Diz bicouse may peas ar smoller than de real one.

Me:How about your pea glitch that if you hypnotized, your peas are still targeting the plants?

Peashooter Zombie: Dats majig. But it dosent werk if I come to iOS version of Plans vs. Zoombies.

Me:Do you wanna shoot some peas here? Don't worry, I'm invulnerable to pea damage.

Peashooter Zombie:Okey, heere it iz. (shoots 100 peas)

Me: OK, stop it. Too many peas here. If you shoot more I will be hard to clean up this. Let me research these peas to find out what's inside.

(I research the pea and...)

Me:What??? Zombie egg??? Really???

Peashooter Zombie:Huh??? strenge.

Me:Now to continue, how can you eath with your mouth always open and no teeth?

Peashooter Zombie:I heve steel claws. Pleaze turn the cemera here to see clearly.

Me: Wait a second, I know these designs.

Me: These are Unholy Necromancy Steel Claws of Necromancy Resistance, as seen on Swords and Sandals III boss, Xanfar the Haunted!

Peashooter Zombie:Oh, reelly???

Me:Yes, look here, this laptop to see that is his claws. (Opens SS3)


Me: See? That is  his claws. Where did you take it?

Peashooter Zombie: I dezignedd thiz maiself.

Me: (faints)

Peashooter Zombie:Weik ap, Drek!!! Or I will shuut you wit mai peeas!!!

(Peashooter Zombie shoots me)

Me: Uh, oh, what I've done?

Peashooter Zombie: Yuo feints and I weik you ap with mai peazz.

Me: OK. So how can you make it?

Peashooter Zombie: likee thiz. (Shows me how to make it for about 5 hours)

Me: OK. This is the end of the show. Bye!

Peashooter Zombie: Bye!