(No hated intended) (More fan fics in my profile)

The Cast:

Peashooter (PS) (Golden Peashooter, he's the boss of plants. I hope he appears in the PVZCC)

Iamarepeater (Iama) (Who else do you think?)

Police office (He look like a repeater but in a police uniform)

The story:

It takes place in High Queen Sunflower's palace first then later on, outside.

Iama: Peashooter, where are you?

PS: I'm going out for a stroll. (Happy face)

Iama: You're going out naked?

PS: That's right. It's called a swag. Go look it up.

Iama: (Thinking: I don't know what he learnt from Super Mario) Really? That's a swag?

PS: Yep. You wanna see some of my swag?

Iama: Ehm. No thanks.

PS: (Happy) Alright then.

Later on.

Peashooter walks out of the palace and started his swag. All the folks in the city saw him naked. Even High Queen Sunflower saw that horrid scene.

Wintermelon43 and Milespower2: OMG! I don't think I can forget what I saw.

High Queen Sunflower: (Blew up into a coin)

Then as Peashooter approaches Melon-pult,

PS: I know you want me.

Melon-pult: (Screams like a manic) (Peashooter stop going forward once Melon-Pult fled. Then he teleports to the front of the shop)

Flower Pot (As a shopkeeper in this case): GET OUT OF MY SHOP! (Peashooter went towards his shop)

Sweet Pea: Ahh! (Then teleports)

Beeshooter: Eek!

PS: I'm having a good time in the city. (He's still doing his swag here)

Snow Pea: Oh yeah cousin! (Dancing towards Peashooter)

PS: NO! (Punches Snow Pea until he flies)

Snow Pea: AHHHHHHHH! (Screams while he is flying)


Police Officer: Staph right there! (Police car is right behind him)

PS: AHHHHH! (then faces Iamarepeater) Iama, save me! (He needs help to get away)

Iama: Why? You got so much swag.

PS: AHHHHHH! (Then he runs off) AHAHAHAHAHAH!

Police Officer: Get back here (Chases Peashooter)

Iama: So much swag. (Shrug it off like it was nothing)

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