Made by matthewah6Edit




Coffee Bean

Scaredy Shroom

Lily Pad



Screen-door Zombie



Peashooter: It's a very hot day.

Coffee bean: I think that I can't wake up Scaredy Shroom.

Scaredy Shroom wakes up and notices that he's on a Lily Pad

Coffee Bean: Good morning!

Peashooter: Those words are getting stuck in my head.

The Plants hear a noise


Peashooter: It's a GARGANTUAR!!!!

Peashooter turns yellow

Scaredy Shroom: Peashooter! you are yellow!

Peashooter: Help! I can't stop shooting peas!

Gargantuar dies

Coffee Bean: That's becase you got warm, then your energy came to 100% happyness.

Lily Pad: I didn't know you done science.

Coffee Bean: You're welcome!

Screen-door Zombie: Muahhhhh brainzzzzz.

Peashooter kills the Screen-door Zombie becoming yellow back


  • This is something similar to the Mini-game Heat wave, only difference is that there are 1 Peashooter, a Coffee Bean and a Scaredy Shroom
  • I, BMCplayerDELREK just edited the very bad grammar there is. i dont know how the creator has managed to wake up Scaredy Shroom at day without using the Coffee Bean

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