(All peashooters): Whassup guys! Today we're gonna show you our PC and laptop specs! You know, many people requested us to show our PC specs, so here's the video!

Peashooter: Yeah, and we're gonna start with MY specs!

So... I probably has the best PC specs here...


I use Intel Core i7-5930K, 3.50GHz as the CPU. Well it's kinda expensive, but it's one of the best high-end processors out there, according to It's like $570 when I bought it. Cheaper than other high-end CPUs that costs like over $1000.

Fire Peashooter: Yeah, he sometimes wastes his money for crazy things that aren't really necessary.

Peashooter: SHUT UP! I don't care!

And for the GPU, I use GeForce GTX Titan X. Costs $1050. I bought it on May 2, 2015 as a replacement for my broken GeForce GTX 780 Ti. Waaaaaay too expensive but I don't give a f**k.

For hard drive I use NVMe Intel SSDPEDMW01. It's an SSD, so it's really damn fast! Costs $1060 when I bought it. Its size is 1.1 TB.

My PC has 32 GB of RAM, Corsair Dominator GT. It costs $425.

And, if you ask for my OS, I'm using Windows 7! WINDOWS 8 SUCKS!! Well, because of my high-end specs, it loads really, really fast! Only takes around 4 seconds to load.

Total cost? $3105. That doesn't count the PSU and the other things though.

The continuation...Edit

You know what, Pea-nut and Fire Peashooter only have a Macbook Pro!

Snow Pea: Yeah, yeah, whatever... I have 

CPU: 4.2GHz i7
GPU: 5870/260-216
M/B: X58
RAM: 6GBtri2GHz
PSU: 650W

Peashooter: Tell me the EXACT detail!

Snow Pea: I don't want to. It's pretty tedious to do so.

Peashooter: :( (sad). Threepeater, it's time for you.

Threepeater: I have:

CPU: Phenom II 955
GPU: HIS 6870 / ASUS 8600gt
M/B: GA 990XA UD3
RAM: 8GB 1866 RipJaws
PSU: OCZ StealthX 700W

(again, continued next Saturday)

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