Sunflower Interview is the second episode of Plant and Zombie Interviews that will air on July 18th, 2014.

Sunflower Interview


July 18th, 2014

Directed and Produced by:

Dan Povenmire

No. of episode:



Sunflower, Miles prower, VG critic, J. Beiber

Starring the voices of:

Ray William Johnson, Miles prower, BGB64, Justin bieber


The rising sunshine might come. Ready for sunflower? Be ready anytime.


  • Ray William Johnson as Sunflower
  • Miles prower as himself
  • BGB64 as VG critic
  • J.Bieber as himself


Miles prower: Hello everyone and you are watching PaZ Interviews on the T.V. Today we are gonna talk with Sunflower!

JB: Hello there!

Sunflower: You can just get out of here! Anyway hello everyone!

VG critic: I will crititize you. You powers are important but you should be an offensive plant.

Sunflower: what? Why should I? Been offensive is like been a hipster.

Miles prower: You are just acting like a desert ****!

Sunflower: You guys think that I can be offensive. But I cant, even if I did that madness in Garden warfare.

VG critic: I will rate you: 3/10.

Sunflower: Thank you. It's very good actually.



  • This is the second episode of the entire series.

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