Peashooter Interview is the first episode of the upcoming TV-show PaZ Interviews that will air on July 11th, 2014.              

Peashooter Interview


July 11th, 2014

Directed and produced by:

Dan Povenmire

No. of episode:



Peashooter, Miles prower, VG critic.

Starring the voices of:

Adam Campbell-Sing ,Miles prower , BGB64


Are you ready to find out more of this Peashooter? Then lets get ready.


  • Adam Campbell-sing as Peashooter
  • Miles prower as himself
  • BananaGummyBear64 as VG critic


Miles prower: Hello everyone and you are watching PaZ Interviews on the T.V. Today we are gonna talk with peashooter!

Peashooter: As eveyone knows that I am the first plant. It's wrong.

Miles prower: What did you mean?

Peashooter: Everybody in this ####### universe thinks that I am the first plant. That's wrong. Actually the first plant in this world is something that is millions of years ago.

VG critic: Let me critisize you. You are a good plant but you should be a gun instead.

Peashooter: A gun?! What the ####! Atleast you are the one that thinks this like cow sh*t.

VG critic: I am honestly telling that you should be a gun.

Peashooter: *facepalm* Does anybody want to have a mouth that is a gun?

The audience: No!

Peashooter: See. I hate guns and they hate guns. Guns are not special today because I am special. I am a type of gun called The Peashooter.

The audience: *appluads*

Miles prower: Well... I guess Peashooter is correct.



  • This is the first episode of PaZ Interviews
  • Bad words that are extremally offensive are cencored with this: #
    • Bad words that are offensive are cencored. ex: sh*t.

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