Hard Nut

Homing Thistle (background)

Cactus (background)

Sea Shroom (background)

Doom Shroom (background)

Puff Shroom (background)

Jalapeno (background)

Cattail (background)

Lily Pad (background)

Tangled Kelp (background)


Other Zombies (background)


(Note: This story won't contain rhyme as my usual stories) (P.S someone will die in next part)

It was nice day in "Plantastic Hotel" but Hard Nut came in all bitten and broken.....

Hard Nut:*comes in* h.....e.....lppp........hhhh....e' *crushes on floor*

Sunflower:*takes him to hospital*

Peashooter: Who do you think is comming Kernel??

Kernel Pult: Probabbly Eddy Murphy.

Peashooter: Yeah....

Blover:*runs in* Zomboss is comming!!!

Zomboss:*comes in* you will all die!!

Everyone is starting to panic!!

Sunflower:*comes in with Hard Nut* im out for 10 minutes,and some weirdos start comming!

Hard Nut:*hides behind tree*

Sunflower:*runs in* i knew this day will come!

Baloon Zombies start comming in!

Blover: Nope!! *blows them away*

Peashooter and others started fiering their proyectiles.

Kernel Pult:*almost crushed by zomboss*

Sunflower:Nooo!!!!! *steps infront of him*

She protected him,but Zomboss steped on Her,Peashooter and Kernel Pult,two of them get up,but one of them wasn't moving at all,it was.............

You will find out who in next part,bye!!!

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