Kernel Pult


Homing Thistle

Doom Shroom (background)

Jalapeno (background)


Homing Thistle was first resident of "Plantastic Hotel" but she was gone for vacation,she is back in hotel.

Sunflower:*sees her" you are finnaly back,im glad!

Homing Thistle:Go away,im so mad!

Cactus:*exits hotel and sees her* wow,you are pretty!

Homing Thistle:*smiles* thanks,but im so spiky,it's so pity.

Cactus:What about you go to restourant tomorow,with me?

Homing Thistle:*smiles* sure *enters in hotel and screams* weee!!!

Peashooter:*sees her* you are back! Why are you screaming about?

Homing Thistle:Cactus asked me to go in restuarnt with him,so i can't stop to scream and shout *goes in her room*

Kernel Pult: I tough she again went crazy?

Peashooter:Nah,that wasn't her,it was Daisy.

Cactus:*in restourant with Homing Thistle* so,what do you want to eat?

Homing Thistle:Lobster's meat.

Cactus took lobster out of aquarium,but jalapeno accidently exploded and lobster fell on Homing Thistle's face!

Homing Thistle:Wahh!!! *slaps Cactus in face*

Cactus:*slaps back*


Cactus:*in hospital*

Homing Thistle:*sits next to him* so,what did you learned today??

Cactus:That you are worst than Marry Kay!!

Homing Thistle:*looks at Cactus very angry*

You don't want to know what happened next!

Wroted it,finnaly! By the way,next two parts is going to be a special,bye!

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