Kernel Pult



Doom Shroom (backgrounder)

Sea Shroom (backgrounder)

Puff Shroom (backgrounder)


It was beautifull day in "Plantastic Hottel" it was Peashooter's Bday,he's friends are secretly throwing party for him.

Sunflower:*happy* well,Blover,is plan ready?

Blover:Yes,i made it steady!

Kernel Pult:*comes* guys,and girl,let's go to throw him birthday party,but secretly.

Blover:Okay,i will watch will he come to he's room,also secretly.

It was supposed to be secret,but Cactus,famous bully heard everything!

Cactus:*smiles creepy* it's time for me to make my plan,i just need:needle,some sauces and fan.

Peashooter:*wants to go in he's room*

Blover:*blocks him* your room is under construction,go to pool,please.

Peashooter:Okay,but i hoppe it's not big mallifunction *goes to pool*

Sunflower:Okay,Kernel,we are done

Kernel Pult:*sobs* finnaly!

They go out off room in hottel's caffe,Blover fell asslep,it was perfect time for Cactus to make he's plan come true!

Cactus:*enters room* hehe,destroying time! *pops ballons with needle,spills sauces in whole room and blovs everything with fan* yeah! *exits room*

Blover:*wakes up and enters room* oh no!! *calls Sunflower and Kernel Pult*

Sunflower:oh no! We worked so hard!

Kernel Pult:But now,room is all in ketchup and tard!

Doom Shroom,Sea Shroom and Puff Shroom told them that they saw Cactus destroying room.

Kernel Pult:I suspected,so i made him a little trap!

Cactus:*screams*ahh!! Rat!!! *falls in net*

They told Peashooter what were they doing,he wasn't mad at all,well,about Cactus...


Cactus:*at Dave's mom's house* faster,faster!!

Dave's Mom:when you finish cleaning dishes,go clean the floor,when you finninsh that,shave my legs *shows her legs*!!

Cactus:*screams* nooooooo!!!!!!!!

whoos,finnaly wroted it :P ,i will post next part.......when i post it,bye!!

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