Kernel Pult

Doom Shroom



Lily Pad (backgrounder)

Sea Shroom (backgrounder)

Cattail (backgrounder)

Tangled Kelp (background)


Domm Shroom is new plant in "Plantastic Hottel" everybody was excited to meet him.

Sunnflower: Im so excited to meet him *sweeats from excitment*!

Peashooter: What could be he,maybe sea plant named Finn?

Kernel Puplt:*looks at distance* here he comes,i hope that now everybody is fine.

Doom Shroom:*comes an yells at them* go somewhere else,this road is mine!!

Everybody was scared and they then ran away!

Blover:*in he's room* wow,now this i call "clean and fine"!

Doom Shroom:*gets in Blover's room and yells at him* get out,this room is mine!!

Blover was scared,so he ran away!

In the pool:Cattatil,Sea shroom,Tangled Kelp and Lily Pad were bathing,it was very fine,till...

Doom Shroom:*goes infront of pool and yells at them* go away,this pool is mine!!

They were scared,so they ran away!

Sunflower:*in hotel caffe with others* okay everybody,listen! Doom Shroom has been selfish since he come here,in this hottel!

Blover:*sad face* when he said me to get out of my room,very sad i fell!

Kernel Pult:*creepy face* we need to give him taste of he's own medicine,that will make him fade away!


They then start to achive their goal!

Peashooter:*eating sandwich infront of Doom Shroom*

Doomshroom: Give me some of that,it smells fine!

Peashooter:*yells* no,it's mine!

Sunflower:*holding a snail*

Doom Shroom: give me to hold him,he's so cute and finne!

Sunflower:*yells* no he's mine!

Everybody was acting like him,he then was gone in hottel's caffe where everybody was there:

Doom Shroom:*sad face* im sorry everyone,for being so selfish.

Blover: It's okay,don't cry!

Everybody:appologie accepted!!

Doom Shroom:*smiles*

Since then,Doom Shroom was best friend to all plants,especially with Sea Shroom,cause they are both mushrooms.

FInnaly,i wrote it! Anyway,i hope you enyoyed it,next part is comming when it commes,bye!

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