Welcome to PVZ Mushroom intervievs,here is our interviever Grave Buster!! *loud claping in background*

Grave Buster:Thanks,welcome to Mushroom intervievs,today we will interviev Puff Shroom's cousin,Sun Shroom!

Sun Shroom:*comes in* yup!

Grave Buster:Okay Sun Shroom,how old are you??

Sun Shroom:Well,this whole 3 minutes im..............whats number before 1??

Grave Buster: Now i see that you and Puff Shroom are conected -_- *turns around to drinks some water*

Sun Shroom:*grows big*

Grave Buster:*turns around and spits water from hes mouth* wat!!! Nevermind........okay then how old are you now.

Sun Shroom:Whats nuber before 4?

Grave Buster:Nevermind!! Are you poisonus or edible??

Sun Shroom: IDK! Ask those dead zombies over there wich eaten my family!!

Grave Buster:And last question for tonight is,Do you like JB!!

Sun Shroom:JB!!ffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of this episode,next will come when it comes,bye!!

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