I made this series before i ended PVZ adventures,just you know.

Welcome to PVZ mushroom intervievs,here is our interviuver Grave Buster!! *loud claping in background*

Grave Buster: Thanks everyone,today on mushroom intervievs we are having Puff Shroom!!

Puff Shroom:*comes in* thanks mr grave buster,i changed my diapers before this show!!!

Grave please tell me how old are you.

Puff Shroom:My momy told me to not talk to strangers...

Grave Buster: okay........what's your mom's name??

Puff Shroom: Eddy Murphy!!!

Grave Buster.*yells* i asked you for your mom's name,not your favourite actor!!

Puff Shroom:Waaahhhhhh!!!!

Grave Buster:sorry.........ahm,how old are you??

Puff Shroom:what's number before 1??

Grave Buster:nevermind........are you poisonus or edible??

Puff Shroom: Why don't find it out for yourself?? *prepares lips*

Grave Buster: okay,end of this interviev!!

Grave Buster:*in bed turns off TV* what was i thinking when doing this episode??

Puff Shroom:*in bed with him,smoking cigarete* idk!

End of this interviev,bye!

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