(Note:this will be last episode of Mushroom intervievs,why??? Cause it got canceled..)

Welcome to:Mushroom intervievs.Here is our interviever Grave Buster!!! *loud claping in background*

Grave Buster:Today we will interviev Fume-Shroom

Fume-Shroom:*comes in* im glad you are intervieving me.

Grave Buster:Okay,first question for today is....How old are you???


Grave Buster: I tough you were older....

Fume-Shroom:Next question please.....

Grave Buster:Okay,we heard that you have sister,is that true???

Fume-Shroom:Yup,my sister is Gloom-Shroom.

Grave Buster:Okay,are you.....

Fume-Shroom:Im edible.

Grave Buster:How did you know what was i going to ask you???

Fume-Shroom:I watch your show,thats how.

Grave Buster:Okay,this interviev ends now,bye everybody!!

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