• Cabbage-Pult
  • Sea-Shroom
  • Plantern
  • Coffee Bean
  • Catapult Zombie
  • Zomboni
  • Dr.Zomboss
  • Barrel Roller
  • Mall Cop Zombie

Fight :

ME : Are you ready?

Catapult Zombie : I have an army of awesomenes..CATAPULT!

Barrel Roller : Yeah Yeah,Pults ignore me but zombies too bad cant.

Zomboni : * Epic faze *

Catapult Zombie kills barrel Roller in 10 hits

Zomboni : The Heck

Me : Well the barrel is smashed.

Dr.Zomboss : Mall Cop Zombie,Arrest these.

Mall Cop Zombie : Street Justayce!

Catapult Zombie : ????

  • A slow jump *

Mall Cop Zombie : * BOOMS AT THE BARREL *

  • Plants conclude these are released * :
  • Cabbage-Pult
  • Sea-Shroom
  • Plantern
  • Coffee Bean

Mall Cop Zombie : BOOM!

Me : ....

The plants revealed are not real....

The original versions : Well i wonder what he used these for.

Me : Hmm...Weird.Well it's time to leave

Mall Cop Zombie : YOUR NOT GOING AWAY!

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