Last time on PVZ2 Interviews:

Bloomerang: LUNCHTIME! *eats plant food*

Me: Yes, let's go.

Bloomerang: *shooting boomerangs everywhere*

Me: Uh-oh...


*Sudden bright flash*

*Boomerangs clatter to the ground*

Me: Ugh... Is Hot Potato here?

Iceberg Lettuce: No, but I am!

Me: I'm here to interview you, but first, how do I thaw out?

Iceberg: Just wait a minute.

*A minute later*

Me: So, who are your friends?

Iceberg Lettuce: Let's see... Snow Pea, Winter Melon, Ice Queen Pea, Ice-shroom and Pepper-pult!

Me: *Flashback*


Time: Plant Interviews 15: Ice-shroom

Place: Lawn

Milesprower2: Iceberg Lettuce?

Fume-shroom: Still too hot.



Iceberg Lettuce: Yeah! By the way, can I come with you to meet Pepper-pult?

Me: Fine!

And so, Iceberg Lettuce came along with me and Penny.

To be continued...

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