Penny: Here we are! Ancient Egypt.

Me: Now...

Bloomerang: Hi mate! What are you up to?

Me: Penny, what happened to the e-mail I sent?

Penny: User, the Internet hasn't been invented yet.

Me: So Bloomerang, where did you get those bloomerangs from?

Bloomerang: From the store... oh wait, that hasn't been invented yet. Cabbage-pult made them!

Me: Where did you learn to throw them with such accuracy?

Bloomerang: Oh, the Bowling Bulbs taught me!

Me: Do you hate Laser Bean and A.K.E.E.?

Bloomerang: No, they do the heavy duty work while I just sit back and do some target practice. I also torture the zombies captured.

Penny: User, we should go. The time now is 12:28 p.m.

Me: What's so bad about that?

Bloomerang: LUNCHTIME! *eats plant food*

Me: Yes, let's go.

Bloomerang: *shooting boomerangs everywhere*

Me: Uh-oh...

To be continued...

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