This is a story about Garlic's first arrival and how The Plants didn't like him because of his smell.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Imp
  • Crazy Dave
  • Peashooter
  • Potato Mine
  • Wall-nut
  • Garlic
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Doom-shroom
  • Puff-shroom
  • Scaredy-shroom
  • Marigold
  • Repeater
  • Chomper
  • Snow Pea
  • Sunflower
  • Zombie
  • Flag Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
  • Gatling Pea


Dr. Zomboss: "I need plans. Plans to defeat those plants. Hmm..."

Imp: "Attack in one lane!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Did you ever think of Jalapeno?"

Imp: "Yes. He's in Hawaii with Squash for vacation."

Dr. Zomboss: "Wait, what?"

Imp: "Yes. So there's no one to destroy zombies in one lane."

Dr. Zomboss: "Hmm... "

Chapter 1: Garlic's ArrivalEdit

One peaceful morning in Neighborville, everyone is asleep, even Crazy Dave...

Crazy Dave: "Zzz..."

Peashooter: "Zzz..."

Potato Mine: "Zzz..."

Wall-nut: "Zzz..."

But that was about to change, when...

Garlic: "Hello!"

Peashooter: "Blech!"

Potato Mine: "Cough cough!"

Wall-nut: "AAH!!! THE SMELL!!!" *loses consciousness*

Garlic: "I just want to make sure you all wake up in this happy morning!"

Peashooter: "Uh... Sure. Are you a new plant? Who are you?"

Garlic: "My name is Garlic!"

Peashooter: "Garlic? So... Do you have any experience about battling against zombie hordes?"

Garlic: "Nope!"

Peashooter: "Okay... Interesting...?"

Garlic: "Hey! Are they're your friend? Why are they're red?"

Peashooter: "Um... I won't go near them if I were you...."

Garlic: "Hey there!"

Cherry Bombs: "THE SMELL!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" *explodonates*

Garlic: "...Oops?"

Peashooter: "(He is getting annoying...)"

Garlic: "What?"

Peashooter: "...Nothing."

Garlic: "Hey! I wanna check that mushroom garden! Wanna join me?"

Peashooter: "No thanks. Go ahead."

Potato Mine: "Something's smelly about him..."

Peashooter: "I know. And he's getting annoying."

Potato Mine: "What should we do?"

Peashooter: "Nothing. Let's see what will he do when zombies come to him."

Potato Mine: "Maybe he will explode and creates smelly gas that will stun zombies!"

Peashooter: "Who knows."

Potato Mine: "I think that will be his ability."

*Doom-shroom explodes in the mushroom garden and launch Garlic into the sky*

Garlic: "Wheeeeeeee...!!!"

Peashooter: "Probably not."

Chapter 2: Garlic's AbilityEdit

Garlic: "I have a problem."

Puff-shroom: "What?"

Garlic: "How can I fight zombies if I don't know what my ability is."

Puff-shroom: "Well, that was troublesome."

Scaredy-shroom: "Maybe you will explode and creates smelly gas that will stun zombies!"

Puff-shroom: "Where did you get that idea from?"

Scaredy-shroom: "Potato Mine."

Garlic: "Well that was impossible, because I can't explodes like that pair of Cherry Bombs."

Scaredy-shroom: "Maybe if you go to Cherry Bombs and ask them how to explode, they will teach you!"

Garlic: "Great idea!"

*Garlic goes to Cherry Bombs*

Garlic: "Hey Cherry Bombs!"

Cherry #1: "What?"

Cherry #2: "Wait, aren't you the one who the smell is so bad?"

Cherry #1: "AAH!!! Get away from us!!!"

Garlic: "Wait! I just want to know how to explodes like you guys."

Cherry #1: "Well then, we will teach you how to explode."

Cherry #2: "No, we will teach you how to detonate!"

Cherry #1: "Don't listen to him. Let's explode!"

Cherry #2: "No! Let's detonate instead!"

Cherry #1: "Explode!"

Cherry #2: "Detonate!"

Cherry #1: "EXPLODE!!!"

Cherry #2: "DETONATE!!!"

Cherry Bombs: "NNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!"

*Cherry Bombs explodonates*

Garlic: "Well, that's not helping."

*Garlic goes to mushroom garden*

Puff-shroom: "What happens?"

Garlic: "They explodonates."

Puff-shroom: "Well, that was... Predictable."

Garlic: "One thing I'm sure about is, I can't explode."

Chapter 3: No One Likes GarlicEdit

Marigold: "Look at that guy! He's smelly!"

Repeater: "Hey Garlic! When was the last time you take a bath? Hahaha!"

Chomper: "Ugh. Smelly."

Cherry #1: "I say let's explode!"

Cherry #2: "No! Let's detonate instead!"

Snow Pea: "I'm cool. He's not."

Peashooter: "SMELLY!"

Garlic: *Cries*

Sunflower: "Garlic? Why are you crying?"

Garlic: "Everyone... IS MEAN! WAAH!!!"

Sunflower: "Peashooter! What did you do to him?"

Peashooter: "..."

Sunflower: "Why did you all mean to him? He just come here last morning and you already mean to him?"

The Plants: "..."


Crazy Dave: "ZOMBIES!!!"

Sunflower: "What? Everyone on position!"

Garlic: "How about me?"

Sunflower: "Just sit there, okay? We'll be back."

Garlic: "...Okay."

Chapter 4: Garlic DivertsEdit

Zombie: "Braainz..."

Peashooter: "Take this, zombie!" *shoot peas at zombie*

Flag Zombie: "Everyone! Attack in one lane!"

Conehead Zombie: "Okay!"

Potato Mine: "They attack in one lane! Where's Jalapeno!?"

Wall-nut: "Did you forget? He's on vacation in Hawaii!"

Potato Mine: "Right! What are we going to do!?"

Garlic: "(I have to help them!)"

Sunflower: "Everyone don't panic, okay? We can think of something!"

Repeater: "Like what!?"

Sunflower: "Squash! Uh, If we hold those zombies with nuts, Squash can squash all zombies at once!"

Wall-nut: "Squash is with Jalapeno!"

Peashooter: "Cherry Bombs! We can use Cherry Bombs!"

Potato Mine: "They're too exhausted to explodonate again. By the time they regain their energy, those zombies are already eat brains!"

Peashooter: "We need to divert them to another lanes!"

*Garlic hops to the lawn, replace Wall-nut*

Wall-nut: "What are you DOING!?"

Garlic: "Sacrifice myself!"

Sunflower: "Garlic DON'T!!!"

Zombie: "Brainz..." *bite Garlic*

Garlic: "..."

Zombie: "..."

Garlic: "...?"

Zombie: "Blech!" *goes to another lane*

Conehead Zombie: "What's wrong with this? Blech!"

Flag Zombie: "I wanna try too! Blech!"

Conehead Zombie: "This taste is no good! I will go to another lane! Blech!"

Flag Zombie: "Yes! Blech! Zombies! Go to another lane! Blech! And avoid this plant! Blech! It tastes bad."

Buckethead Zombie: "Me haz strong bucket. Garlic don't affect me!"

*Buckethead Zombie bite Garlic*

Buckethead Zombie: "Blech!" *goes to another lane*

Wall-nut: "Look at him!"

Peashooter: "He diverts zombies!"

Potato Mine: "So that's what his ability is! Diverting zombies! Why I haven't thought of that before?"

Gatling Pea: "The Zombies are now in another lane! ATTACK!!!"

The battle are so fast. With the help of Garlic's ability to divert zombies, The Plants win.

Peashooter: "Woohoo! We win! I don't believe it! At first I think we're gonna lose, but now I'm happy!"

Flag Zombie: "RUN!!!"

Zombie: "Brainz!"

Conehead Zombie: "Yikes!"

Buckethead Zombie: "Me bucket are strong! Me bucket are strong! Me bucket are..."

Garlic: "Whew!"

Potato Mine: "All thanks to Garlic! Without him The Zombies already eat our brains!"

The Plants: "Thanks, Garlic!"

Peashooter: "Thanks, Garlic! I am sorry for being mean to you."

Repeater: "Me too!"

Chomper: "Me three!"

Marigold: "Me four!"

Snow Pea: "Me! I'm cool."

Garlic: "I'm happy because I help!"

Crazy Dave: "Hey Garlic! I can heal you!"

Garlic: "Thanks, Crazy Dave!"

Crazy Dave: "You're welcome. Wabby wabbo."


Imp: "Dr. Zomboss!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Failed, again?"

Imp: "The Plants have a new friend, Garlic!"

Dr. Zomboss: "And what's special about him?"

Imp: "He can..."

Conehead Zombie: "Dr. Zomboss!"

Dr. Zomboss: "What?"

Conehead Zombie: "The Plants have a new friend, Garlic!"

Dr. Zomboss: "..."

Imp: "I just told him that, Conehead!"

Conehead Zombie: "Sorry. Here, I bring you some piece of Garlic. Eat it."

Dr. Zomboss: "Hmm... Let me try!" *eats Garlic piece*

Conehead Zombie: "Hmm? How does it taste? Good?"

Dr. Zomboss: "BLECH!!!!! CONEHEAD!!!!!"

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