Well, Google recently changed their logo, at September 1 to be exact, and here's my reaction to it. Well, it's bad in a few different ways:


The design looks soooooooooooooooooo childish and ugly! As if it was drawn by a 6 years old children that's good in drawing. No wonder if the intro of the new logo is about someone erases the old logo and draws the new one with a crayon.


Also, the logo's font looks remarkably similar to the new Lenovo logo! WTF. Notice the tilted "e".{{{imgheight}}}


The colour looks childish too. The reason why Lenovo's logo isn't too childish is because the colour they use is black, while Google has multiple colours: blue, red, yellow, and green. Would've been better if they use darker colours, but still, with the multicoloured logo, it looks childish.


As mentioned by Google, the meaning of this logo is "simple, uncluttered, and colourful". YOU'RE WRONG! This logo basically means "childish, immature, unprofessional, and annoying". They're annoying in a few different ways:

  • They don't listen to the customers. Not even if you want the old logo back, and if over than half the world want it.
    • Another example of this is that they don't want the old YouTube comment system back, as if using the old one would make a total destruction of their company.
  • The new YouTube commenting system filters out certain comments to "prevent spam". What they actually did is to censor out the freedom of commenting, since it filters out comments that aren't spam too. I ever got my comments filtered out a few times, even though it's just related to the video.
  • Videos that have been removed due to a false flag USUALLY can't be taken back, for unknown reasons.
  • They abuse their monopoly, just like Micro$oft, by using the methods mentioned above.


The new logo is not good at all, and deserves no fanfare. It looks ugly, childish, and annoying to adult's and teenager's eyes. They'll obviously stick with it, since it's their "masterpiece" and making a logo by the help of designers would cost a lot of money. Sending s**t to them won't help; they won't listen and want to work with their own ways.

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