One beautiful sunny day, peashooter was doing his daily run of commiting suicide in frint of all the zombies, chasing crazy people around, because, that's just him, when the yeti appeared. Nothing wrong about it, or anything like that, but later on, as he died for the 1234543524th time saving sunflower (who didn't need it), He spawned just in time to see a tentacle.

(as you guessed, it's not in the game)

Peashooter went to investigate, going through a lane, letting the zombies eat his brains, even though he didn't have any, and then he saw it again. It seemed to be....... a UNICORN!!! Peashooter, being an absentminded guy, immediately fell in love with it. 

Meanwhile, sunflower was staring at toxic pea fall off a building. Since she hated him, she had no desire to save him, so she let him die. She didn't know, though, why he would be dumb enough to die. Investigating this shocking experience (well actually a normal experience, but sunflower doesn't think shocking ones are shocking, only the non-shocking), she found out that toxic pea turned into a zombie, and sunflower merely smiled and said, "Hello, brainless!"And then she died.

Peashooter was dreaming about dreaming. In that dream, he was dreaming. In THAT one, he was getting chased by a-

He woke up.

And that's when he saw it.

And he blacked out.

When suflower regenerated, she saw  a face. It was green, round, beautiful, and-


Sunflower sat up. She regonized that voice, but she didn't know who. She didn't know how she knew, or when she heard it. She seemed to forget the important stuff, like whether she was a boy or a girl. The only thing she remembered was getting hit on the head by...

She forgot.

And also the fact that the scream came from the guy next to her... or was it a girl?

The human (or animal or plant or...)sat up and stared at her. The wall was... was... what was it called... 

She forgot again.

She woke up.

She was sweating; the dream was weird. She regonized it, and she wonder what it was like to forget. But whatever.

20 years later, she forgot everything.

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