Well, video games usually have music or songs on them, to make the game more fun and atmospheric. However, some of them are so memorable, even when the game is already like 10 years.

Since I am a gamer from 2006, I know lots of songs from vidya games.

Some of them are also requested by Zomboss (well, he loves playing vidya games :D)

Here are some I like:

  • Disturbed - Decadence (from NFSMW 2005): Really perfect if you drive a fully tuned car. This music makes the race more fun and amazing!
    • Best part of the song:
      Then you slowly recall all your mind 
      why, your soul's gone cold, and all hope has run dry 
      dead inside 
      never enough to forget that you're one of the lonely 
      slowly recall all your mind
    • Really wished that this was in GTA V. Sounds awesome!!!11111
  • GTA SA theme/intro song: Just like it! Theme song of one of the best game in the early 21st century! :D
  • The Qemists - Be Electric VIP (from Asphalt 8, requested by Zomboss): 170 BPM madness! Seems like most of zombies like this track.
  • Avenged Sevenfold - Blinded in Chains (from NFSMW 2005): The only A7X song featured in NFSMW 2005. I'm a huge fan of A7X so that's why ;)

Fun facts

  • Zomboss is making a vidya game, and he seems to be using the Be Electric VIP and Decadence. He got the permission from the music studios, and he seems to be happy about it.
  • Zombies seem to love heavy metal songs and songs that have over 160 BPM songs. They go crazy when they listen to those kind of song (e.g. continuously dancing and jumping around).
    • They also go crazy when they listen those dubstep songs. Dubsteps are usually fast-paced.
  • Zombies seem to hate soundtracks and songs from the Resident Evil series. I think it's because RE is about zombie annihilation, and they hate it.

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