Made by: Reap

Idea from: PK


  • Crazy Dave
  • Patrice Blazing
  • Mia Jamie Buns-Blazing
  • Zombies
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Sunflower
  • Peashooter
  • Wall-nut
  • Potato Mine
  • Scientist Zombie


Prologue: Mia's Departure.... from America!Edit

Patrice: Mom, where you going this time?!?

Mia: Daughter, I'll be in Italy. 

Patrice: Why?

Mia: It's something private. Anyways, I'll see ya! Also, would you send this letter to my younger bro? 

Patrice: *grabs the letter* Ummm... sure

(Mia goes to the plane, waving Patrice goodbye)

Patrice: Now.. to send this letter to Uncle Dave. I'll need a taxi! Good thing mom gave me some money while she's gone!

(Patrice goes to a taxi, and travels to Crazy Dave's Mansion)

Chapter 1: The Visit!Edit

(Patrice reaches to Crazy Dave's Mansion)

Taxi Driver: That will be $20 dollars please!

Patrice: K... *pays the Taxi Drive 20$*

Taxi Driver: Be safe!

Patrice: Sure, I will!

Crazy Dave: *singing* SQUIRBOS! SQUIRBOS! GET ALL THE SQUIRBOS! *singing stops as CD hears a doorbell* Who could that be? *opens door* Patrice? What are you doing here?

Patrice: My mom wen't to Italy for a while. She told me to send this letter to you.

Crazy Dave: A Letter B?

Patrice: No..

Crazy Dave: An A?

Patrice: No.

Crazy Dave: What is it?

Patrice: Here *gives CD the letter*

The letter says:

"Dear David Buns-Blazing,

 I will be at Italy for a while. Please take care of my daughter. Also, please stop wearing a pan on your head. It looks SO STUPID!

                                                                                                                                                              ~Mia Jamie Buns-Blazing"

Crazy Dave: Looks like my older sister. Mia sent this. She keeps telling me to stop wearing my awesome cap! She's just jelly!

Patrice: Ok?

Crazy Dave: Have you got some squirbos recently?

Patrice: No.. What are Squirbos anyway?

Crazy Dave: How would you not know that? Anyways, eat lunch, it's that taco spaghetti over there

Patrice: Ugh.. I don't really like it, but I'm starving! Anyways, down the hatch! *Patrice eats the Taco Spaghetti*

Crazy Dave: It's my best Spaghetti yet!

Patrice: Ok.. It tastes a bit.. Good..

Crazy Dave: Nice! While I watch a Squirbo Show, you will water the plants!

Patrice: Fine..

(Meanwhile in Zomboss Estate!)

(Dr. Zomboss is looking at Patrice through binoculars)

Dr. Zomboss: A new brain commuter has joined David's base eh? I need to prepare more powerul zombies. I heard that she's good in combat. Scientist, prepare the Zombie Cloning Device!

Scientist Zombie: YES LORD ZOMBOZZ! *Scientist Zombie prepares the Zombie Cloning Device*

Dr. Zomboss: Good!

(Back in Crazy Dave's Mansion) 

Patrice: These are the plants eh?

(Patrice looks at the plant-filled, Zen Garden)

Patrice: They look really cute! Well, time to water 

Peashooter: Mhmhmhmh? (Who's that new girl?)

Sunflower: Lalala, lalalalal! (I don't know. But at least that she's going to water us!)

Potato Mine: Babababababa! (Yah, water is REALLY tasty!)

Wall-nut: Wowowowowoo! (It gives me my feelz to bowl!)

(Patrice confused on what they're saying)

Patrice: What are they saying? *grabs the Watering Can and waters the plant*

The Plants: WOowwowowowomhmhmhlalala! LALA! (MMMM! Water.... tastes so refreshng! WOOHOO!)

Patrice: I really need to talk to CD *goes inside CD's room* Hey Uncle 


Patrice: O_O What?

Zombie: Brains....

Crazy Dave: HEY! I was watching a show about Squirbos!

Zombie: *looks at Crazy Dave, and ignores because of the Pan he's wearing* Blegh... *looks at Patrice, and sees her head* BRAINZ!

Patrice: Oh no! I really regret staying here! *runs* AAAAH!!

(In the Zen Garden)

Peashooter: mhmhmhm! (I hear someone saying "BRAAAINZ!")

Potato Mine: Babababaaba. (Yah, it's you)

Peashooter: Mhmhmhmmm... (I meant someone else)

Sunflower: Lala-l-l-lala! (Probably.. a...a-z-Zombie!)

Wall-nut: wowowowowo! (Yah!)

Peashooter: Mhmhmhmhm? (Sunflower, would you kindly energize us?)

Sunlflower: La! (Sure! *gives them sun*)

Peashooter, Wall-nut, and Potato Mine: MhmhmBabaWowo! (THANKS! *runs to CD's room*)

Sunflower: La! Lalalalalalalal! (Eep! I have to protect them! I might aswell go! *runs to CD's room*)

Crazy Dave: I need to find my Squirbo Blaztr!

Dr. Zomboss: There's more where that came from


Potato Mine: Babababa! Bababa! (Probably just a voice! I'll release my Nuggets! *releases Nuggets*)

Wall-nut: WOWOWOWOWOWO! (I'll bowl over them! *bowls over a zombie*)

Zombies: BrainZ? *gets bowled and loses it's head* X_X

Wall-nut: WOWOWOWO! (YES!)


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