By: Iamarepeater

Location: Plant City Studios (Open air)

Marigold and why she failed. It also provides a little bit more info of what Golden Sunflower, Golden Peashooter and Iamarepeater do if they are not at the audition.

Cast: Iamarepeater (from what he saw) , director, Golden Peashooter (GP) and Golden Sunflower (GS).

Director: Action!

(Play Zombie on your lawn)

(When Marigold make her appearances) Marigold: Marigold

(Continue music until the countdown) Marigold: 1,2,3..

(Suddenly, the music changed to Money ) Marigold:  Money. Get away.

Director: Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!

Marigold: You get a...... (Then the tape stopped along with the trumpter music signalling that she failed)

Later on at the United Plant Park.

Me: Marigold?

Marigold: Yes, Iama?

Me: Why did you sing the wrong song?

Marigold: (Stunned face) Errrr..... I don't really know. I thought it was a good time to practice that song of mine.

Me: Your song?

MG: Sorry. The singer's song.

Me: Oh. Anyway, for those few seconds, you actually sounded nice. If you sang this song, it would hit the record charts.

MG: Really?

Me: I'm not really sure but most likely it would be.

GS: Of course. Marigold, you really wanted to make me listen to that song after having heard you.

GP: Perhaps one day, you would have a singing career.

MG: Thanks guys.

Me: No problem. (Then to Golden Peashooter and Golden Sunflower) We need to go.

GP and GS: Oh. We have to train our magic power.

Me: Exactly. Let's go. (Together, we three teleported)

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