This is a story about The Plants that got a lucky star and how The Zombies are trying to steal it.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Crazy Dave
  • Penny
  • Peashooter
  • Potato Mine
  • Chomper
  • Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Zombot Star Stealer
  • Wall-nut
  • Tall-nut Zombie
  • Tall-nut
  • Robo-Cone Zombie
  • E.M.Peach
  • Future Zombie Worker


One day, in Ancient Egypt...

Crazy Dave: "Yay! We finally defeat those zombies!"

Penny: "..."

Crazy Dave: "And look! We got a starfish!"

Penny: "That's not a starfish. That's a Star that let us to travel to another time."

Crazy Dave: "Aww, I always want to eat one of those!"

Penny: "You say that six times."

Crazy Dave: "That's because when I think I got a starfish you always say it's a Star!"

Penny: "That's because, it's not a starfish. It's a Star."

Crazy Dave: "Well, I don't need it. It belongs to garbage can."

Penny: "Wait, User Dave! It's glowing!"

Crazy Dave: "Yeah! You know what that means?"

Penny: "What?"

Crazy Dave: "That means it's a lucky star! If we hold this, we will be lucky!"

Penny: "User Dave, I don't think that's how the way it works..."

Crazy Dave: "Let's go time traveling!"

Time traveling...

Penny: "Where to go now, User Dave?"

Crazy Dave: "Anywhere! With this lucky star, we will be lucky!"

Penny: "..."

*Penny hit something and the Star fall from Crazy Dave's hand*

Crazy Dave: "NOOO!!!!!"

Time traveling...

Chapter 1: The Lucky StarEdit

Peashooter: "Ah... What a peaceful morning... No sight of zombies anywhere..."

*The Star fall from the sky and hit Peashooter's head*

Peashooter: "OW! Ouch... What's this?"

Crazy Dave: "IT'S A LUCKY STAR... Star... star... (echoes)"

Peashooter: "What's that? I think I heard something in the skies..."

Potato Mine: "Whoever that is, he say it's a lucky star!"

Chomper: "A lucky star!? Let me hold it!"

Peashooter: "Uh... Sure!"

*Peashooter give the lucky star to Chomper*

Chomper: "Ooh! It's shiny! And glowing! Ow, I'm hungry. If only there's a zombie to eat..."

Zombie: "Brainz..."

Chomper: "Ooh! A zombie" *eats zombie* "Yum! I'm lucky!"

Peashooter: "So that means that creepy echo is right! It's a lucky star!"

Potato Mine: "Wow!"


Peashooter: "Uh-oh!"

The Zombies: "Braainz..."

Potato Mine: "Go shoot those undeads, Peashooter!"

Peashooter: "I'm trying! If only I have Plant Food..."

Meanwhile, Penny and Crazy Dave is time traveling...

Penny: "This time is hard, User Dave! It's full of zombies!"

Crazy Dave: "Don't worry! Because fortunately I bring this bag full of Plant Foods! So we can..."

*Penny hit something again and the bag full of Plant Foods fall from Crazy Dave's hand*

Crazy Dave: "NOT AGAIN!!!!!"

Meanwhile, at the present...

Peashooter: "Oh no! they're getting closer!"

The Zombies: "Braainz..."

*A bag full of Plant Foods fall in front of Peashooter*

Peashooter: "Hey! I'm lucky! Just what I needed!" *Peashooter eats Plant Food* "TAKE THIS!!!!!"

Meanwhile, Conehead Zombie is lurking behind the bush...

Conehead Zombie: "A lucky star, huh? Wait until Dr. Zomboss know this!"

Chapter 2: What's The Deal, Zombie StealEdit

At the Zomboss Mansion...

Conehead Zombie: "DR. ZOMBOSS! DR. ZOMBOSS!"

Dr. Zomboss: "What?"

Conehead Zombie: "...I forgot."

Dr. Zomboss: "Ugh!"


Dr. Zomboss: "WHAT!?"

Conehead Zombie: "The Plants got a lucky star that makes them lucky! I saw Peashooter holding the lucky star then wish for Plant Food, and suddenly a bag full of Plant Foods fall from the sky! He's lucky!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Do you think your story is trustable?"

Conehead Zombie: "Yup!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Alright! I will proof it myself!"

*Dr. Zomboss go to the lawn*

Dr. Zomboss: "Hello, Plants!"

Peashooter: "Look! It's Dr. Zomboss!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Can you let Uncle Zomboss borrow that lucky star?"

Peashooter: "NEVER! (Also, Uncle Zomboss? That's disgusting!)"

Dr. Zomboss: "If that's so, I shall steal it from you! Mwuahahahahaha!!!"

*A robot fall from the sky, and Dr. Zomboss is controlling it*

Peashooter: "What... Is... THAT!?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Meet my lastest invention, The Zombot Star Stealer! Mwuahaha!"

Wall-nut: "Oh no! What are we gonna do!?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Now I'll give you three options: You can keep it by yourself and let me steal it from you, Then I will eat your brains. Or you can hand me the Star, and I will eat your brains."

Peashooter: "NEVER! And that's two options."

Dr. Zomboss: "It is?"

Peashooter: "Yeah."

Dr. Zomboss: "Whatever. Take this!"

*Dr. Zomboss spawn Tall-nut Zombies*

Wall-nut: "Oh no! Tall-nut Zombies!"

Tall-nut: "A ZomBotany version of me!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes, YES! Get me the Star!!!"

Tall-nut Zombies: "Starz..."

*Peashooter is cornered by Tall-nut Zombies*

Peashooter: "No! Please! Don't!"

Suddenly, a hole appear under Peashooter and Peashooter fall into that hole...

Peashooter: "OW! What's this?"

Potato Mine: "Hello!"

Peashooter: "Potato Mine?"

Potato Mine: "I created this underground tunnel for emergency situations."

Peashooter: "Wow! I'm lucky!"

Potato Mine: "Because of that lucky star? Hehe!"

Peashooter: "Hehe!"

*A zombie hand appear at the hole*

Potato Mine: "Hurry! This way! Follow me!"

Meanwhile, above the ground...

Dr. Zomboss: "Where are they?"

Tall-nut Zombie: "They're ezcappe through da andergrawnd tunnelz."

Dr. Zomboss: "So they're escaping, huh? They don't know the Zombot Star Stealer can dig! Mwuahaha!"

Chapter 3: E.M.Peach From The FutureEdit

At the underground tunnel...

Peashooter: "Hurry up, Potato Mine! I think I hear something!"

Potato Mine: "Yes! I hear it too!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Surprise!!!"

Peashooter: "Uh-oh! The Zombot can dig!"

Potato Mine: "More like Zombot Under-Digger!"

Peashooter: "How long is this tunnel?"

Potato Mine: "Not very long! Why not use your lucky star?"

Peashooter: "Right! If only Dr. Zomboss was buried..."

Dr. Zomboss: "Hey! What's happening? This tunnel is collapsing!"

*Dr. Zomboss is buried because the ground above him collapsed*

Peashooter: "Look! A light!"

*Peashooter and Potato Mine go outside from the hole on the street*

Peashooter: "I think we must HURRY!"

Potato Mine: "Yeah! Before..."

Dr. Zomboss: "YOU STUPID PLANTS!!!"

Potato Mine: "...He come."

Peashooter: "We must fight him!"

Dr. Zomboss: "GIVE ME THAT STAR!!!"

Peashooter: "Lucky Star, help us..."

Meanwhile, at the Far Future...

Penny: "User Dave, those Robo-Cones are getting closer!"

Crazy Dave: "Don't worry, I have this E.M.Peach that will disable them for a while!"

*Crazy Dave throw E.M.Peach, but he throw it too high*

Crazy Dave: "I throw it too high! NOO!!!"

Meanwhile, some Future Zombie workers are testing their new time machine...

Future Zombie Worker: "Alright! Time to test this time machine! I'll set it to a random time zone."

*E.M.Peach fly through the time machine*

Future Zombie Worker: "What? I swear I see something go through the time machine..."

At the present...

Dr. Zomboss: "Surrender now!"

Peashooter: "Lucky Star, help us!"

Suddenly, a portal opens in the sky and E.M.Peach fall from that portal, hitting The Zombot Star Stealer...

Dr. Zomboss: "Hey! What's this!? Aargh!!!"

Peashooter: "Yay! Thank you, Lucky Star!"

Potato Mine: "This is our chance! Come on!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Hey! Don't escape! Argh! This Zombot is disabled!"

Peashooter: "Hurry! Before it's..."

Dr. Zomboss: "Move, you stupid machine! Move! Why this isn't working! MOVE!"

*The Zombot Star Stealer is shaking*

Dr. Zomboss: "There. I'LL GET YOU, PLANTS!!!"

Chapter 4: Twinkle Twinkle Little StarEdit

At the Far Future...

Penny: "The Zombies lose again today."

Crazy Dave: "Whew! I think that's enough zombies for today. Let's go home for a rest!"

*Crazy Dave and Penny is time traveling to the present*

At the present...

Crazy Dave: "Hey! What the..."

*The Zombot Star Stealer is strangling Peashooter and Potato Mine*

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes, YES! At last, the Star will be mine! MINE! Mwuahahahaha!!!"

Crazy Dave: "Hey! What are you doing to my plants?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Huh? You?"

Peashooter: "Crazy Dave! Take this!"

Crazy Dave: "Huh? What the..."

*Peashooter throw the Lucky Star to Crazy Dave, but the Star hit Crazy Dave's head*

Crazy Dave: "OW!!!!!"

*Crazy Dave lose consciousness*

Peashooter: "...Oops."

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes! YES! MWUAHAHAHA!!!"

Crazy Dave: "Huh? What's this?"

*Crazy Dave grabs the Lucky Star*

Crazy Dave: "Hey! It's my lucky star! I miss you so much!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Yours? It's MINE!"

Crazy Dave: "I hope that giant robot is destroyed."

Dr. Zomboss: "Wait, what?"

*The Zombot Star Stealer is shaking hardly*

Dr. Zomboss: "This isn't good. The last E.M.Peach explosion make The Zombot Star Stealer lose all of its energy. I forgot to check the energy meter. That means..."

*The Zombot Star Stealer is destroyed*

Dr. Zomboss: "Argh!!!"

Peashooter & Potato Mine: "Yay!!!"

Dr. Zomboss: "I'll be back! Mwuahaha!"

*Dr. Zomboss starting to use teleporter*

Crazy Dave: "You forgot about this!"

*Crazy Dave throw the Lucky Star that hit directly to Dr. Zomboss's head*

Dr. Zomboss: "Mwuahaha... OUCH!" *lose consciousness*

Because the Star hit Dr. Zomboss's head so badly, it started to glows like it never glows before.

Crazy Dave: "Woah!"

The Star then floats, higher and higher, until it reach the skies and then explode.

Crazy Dave: "Wow..."

Peashooter & Potato Mine: "..."

Penny: "I never see something like that before!"

Crazy Dave: "Look! There's little snows from the Star explosion!"

Penny: "What to do now, User Dave?"

Crazy Dave: "That lucky star was useful! What do you say if, we search for more?"

Peashooter: "YES!"

Potato Mine: "YEAH!"

Penny: "..."

Crazy Dave: "This is gonna be GREAT!"

Peashooter: "Now what will we do to that evil guy over there?"

Crazy Dave: "Oh, that Mr. Boss guy? Hmm..."



Dr. Zomboss: *Is tied on a chair* "LET! ME! GO!"

Crazy Dave: "Are you sure you want to go?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes, I'm 100% sure I want to go."

Crazy Dave: "But then you'll miss the party!"

Dr. Zomboss: "I don't care!"

Crazy Dave: *Place a pot on Dr. Zomboss's head* "Oh, you're not gonna miss this."

*Crazy Dave lit the fireworks, and the fireworks launch to the sky, WITH Dr. Zomboss tied on a chair that tied on the fireworks*

Dr. Zomboss: "AAAAAHHH!!!!!"

*The fireworks explodes*

Crazy Dave: "Now THAT was a REAL firework show! Wabby wabbo."

The Plants: "Hahahahaha!"

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