Cpt.Lex as a Gatling Pea


Captain Rex (Peashooter,Called as Captain Lex when he is a Gatling Pea)

Mr.Ree (Repeater)

Clarky (Flaming Pea) 

Grones (Snow Pea) 

Upcoming Characters:

Glake (Sweet Pea)

Gubby (Beeshooter)

Rizzy (Ice Queen Pea)

Scully (Coffee Bean)


Cpt.Rex:Yar me maties!Were looking for treasure.

Mr.Ree,Clarky,and Grones:Yippee!Were looking for treasure!

Cpt.Rex:Clarky,Whats that on your hand?

Clarky:This?Its a leaf.

Cpt.Rex:Let me taste it.*Cpt.Rex swallowed the leaf and he doesnt feel good*

Cpt.Rex:I dont feel so good.*cough*cough*

The helmet cames out of Cpt.Rex's head turning into a Gatling Pea.

Mr.Ree:Oh no!Our Captain has turn into a Gatling Pea.I should get him to bed right now.

While Mr.Ree stears the boat Cpt.Rex wakes up then tells Mr.Ree a question.

Cpt.Rex:Let me stear the boat.

Mr.Ree:Hey,Captain you just wake up and you can finally stear.I'll name you Cpt.Lex

Cpt.Lex:Well thats a good name.C'mon me maties lets look for treasure.

Everyone sailed to find treasure and they found an island.

Cpt.Lex:Thats the place that has treasure!Anchors away.

Clarky:What treasure are we looking for Captain?

Cpt.Lex:I dunno,But i think its special,Were following the map to look for it.


Everyone looks for the treasure and they finally found the treasure.

Cpt.Lex:Yippee!!Theres a treasure chest!Lets open it.

Cpt.Lex opens the treasure chest.

Cpt.Lex:Yippee!!! Its golden peas ill just need to open it.

Cpt.Lex opens the golden pea and its a chocolate pea instead being gold.

Cpt.Lex:Yippee!! Its chocolate peas after all.Everyone Grab one.

Grones:Yummy!These are delicious.

Cpt.Lex:Lets take this and look for more treasure maties!

All (Except Cpt.Lex):Ok!!

They take the treasure and sailed for more treasure.

The end


  • The Characters names rhymes in Jake and the Neverland Pirates from Disney Junior,But Captain Rex doesn't rhyme with Captain Hook,The other characters rhyme their names.

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