Be geek in a sec.
~ Its tagline

Lique (pronounced like the word "lick") is a consumer electronics company in Humans, Plants, and Zombies headquartered in Lyon, France. It is Antoine Raspail's favorite brand.

Product lines in HPaZEdit

  • Lique Robotique, its line of Android devices ("robotique" means "robotic", which refers to Android being a robot).
  • Lique Guillotine, its line of gaming laptops. Named "guillotine" because they have ultra HD resolutions (3840x2160), and it's really sharp for the normal viewing distance (guillotine is an execution device with a sharp blade, thus refers to its sharp, high pixel density).
  • Lique Montresque, its line of smartwatches, powered by Android. ("montre" means "watch")



  • Robotique NecRes - its flagship phones. They always have around 330-350 ppi pixel density, and has a below average resolution for flagship devices. "NecRes" stands for "Necessary Resolution", which refers to it using Apple's 330 ppi minimum to make it look like the Retina display, while maintaining a not-so-high resolution.
    • Its current device is the NecRes3, which is a 5.5-inch smartphone powered by a Snapdragon 820, and 6GB of RAM. It has a resolution of 1600x900 and 333.77 ppi pixel density. It's the first smartphone to have 6GB of RAM in the HPaZ universe.
  • Robotique HighForLow - its low-end range of phones. They have quite decent specifications despite being in the low-end series. They mostly uses Mediatek chipsets and 1-2GB of RAM. This is done to compete with manufacturers such as Alcatel or Xiaomi.
  • Robotique MidGame - its mid-end range of phones. They have better specifications than HighForLow, but worse than NecRes.
  • Robotique Expérience - its "experimental" phones. They usually have weird specifications and features, such as Quad HD (2560x1440) display on a 3.5-inch phone which results in a pixel density of 839.20 ppi, beating the Xperia Z5 Premium which has 806 ppi, and phones with sky high camera megapixels (50-60 MP).


  • Guillotine Ten - A gaming laptop with a Skylake Intel Core i7, Nvidia GTX 980M, LED backlit keyboard, and 10' screen with 4K resolution and 440.58 ppi pixel density.
  • Guillotine Treize - Has the same specifications as the Guillotine Ten, but with a 13' screen and 338.91 ppi pixel density.
  • Guillotine Fifquin - Same specifications, 15' screen, 293.72 ppi pixel density.
  • Guillotine Seventine - Same specifications, 17' screen, 259.17 ppi pixel density.


  • Montresque OneHour - Its current and first smartwatch. Has a diagonal of 38mm.


  • Antoine Raspail has a Robotique NecRes3 a Guillotine Fifquin, and a Montresque OneHour.
  • Chris Hopkins has a Guillotine Seventine.


  • Lique is a play of of the word "liquid".

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