The storyEdit

-a sunny day at bloom&doom seed factory-

Crazy Dave: Yes! My ultimate invention! The blarblugheblahblibhargeliahhhrgeh!

Penny:BEEP BEEP user Dave im pretty sure it's a Gnatling pea.

Peashooter (from far away): Incoming!

Crazy Dave: nah how about super epic killer peashooter?

Penny: Gnatlingpea

Crazy Dave:Gatlingpea.

Penny: FINE!

-Meanwhile at the park-

Peashooter: Tell me again why we're here?

Sunflower: IDK, IDC

Snowpea: *rolls eyes*

Sunflower: I'd rather sing.

Peashooter: Let's not.

Sunflower: There's a zombie on-

-new plant arrives-


Peashooter: looks like... a pea!

Snowpea: For war.

Peashooter: Yeah! A warpea!

Gatling pea: Googoogoooooo *burp*

Peashooter: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it's little warpea

Penny: It's a gatlingpea.

Peashooter: Oh.

-10 years later-

Gatling pea: Teach me how to fight!

Peashooter: Oh ok. Here, I'll bring you to the lawn.


Gatlingpea: Im NOT *bang* TO *bang* YOUNG!!!!!!!! *Shoots mutiple peas everywhere, startling the other plants*

Sunflower: We don't want zomb- Uhhhhh...

Split pea: I didn't mean it that way... I way just trying to protect you...

Cherrybomb: *snicker* Rage quit!

Gatlingpea: That's it. I QUIT THIS LIFE!

-The next day-

Peashooter: Oh no we're losing!


Peashooter:Umm... no._.

Sunflower: Then get reapeater!

Repeater: Im right here!

Sunflower: Then get threepeater!

Repeater: He got mine-disease from Potato mine.

Sunflower: LOL not funny. Stupid pun.*Mutters* Stupid lime disease.Bad jake. Jeez what a idiot.

Repeater: I HEARD THAT!

Peashooter: I think we're losing because of cherrybomb.

Sunflower: But he's keeping up alive!

No yesterday we lost gatlingpea.

Sunflower: O_o

-Meanwhile in a hotel in China-

Gatlingpea: *sigh* Why... why do they have to be so mean?

  • knock on the door*

Random dude: You got MAIL!

Gatlingpea: Oh ok...

  • Opens envelope*

Ow! I cut my hand! Siri, where's my band-aids?

Siri: Sorry, warpea, but I'm currently covored in blood.

Gatlingpea: STOP CALLING ME THAT! Call me captain plant

Siri: You want me to call you " improvising pants?"

Gatlingpea: UGH whatever.

  • Reads envelope*

Gatlingpea: Dear Gatlingpea,

We are very sorry about yesterday. Cherrybomb is actually crying. We're basically doomed. Even cob-cannon is useless. You 10-year-old mind is probably our chance for survival.

Best wishes,


-Twohours later-

Gatlingpea: *beep* Siri can this plane go faster?

Siri: Can I look up: Siri can pray go fancy?

Gatlingpea: *groan* Siri can this plane go faster?

Siri: You do not have "Swervy crane" As a contact. May I create it?

Gatling pea: Siri are you even smart?

Siri: This is about you, not me.

Gatlingpea: *Groan* Ugh why do you have to be so dumb?

Siri: It is my pleasure.

Gatlingpea: *turns off cellphone*

Flight attendant: Want any drinks?

Gatlingpea: Can this go faster? I'll pay you 2,000 sun.

Flight attendant: What's sun?

Gatlingpea: Then 2,000 dollars.

Flight attendant: Fine then.

-Wave three at Dave's lawn-

Threepeater: Look out! Bungee zombie on the loose.

Sunflower: Oh well. There's a zombie on your la-awn, there's a zombiee o-on your la-awn. There's-

(voice from behing): I thought there was no singing on the lawn.

All: Gatlingpea!

Peashooter: Oh thank goodness thankgoodnessthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

Sunflower: YAY I can sing with no worries of getting eaten!

Cattail: We were *cough* basically *cough* dying *wheeze* out *groan* there *pukes on Lilypad*

Peashooter: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cattail got sick. So did potatomine and threepeater.

Repeater: He got mine disease!

Gatlingpea: What's that?

Sunflower: Oh it's just- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

-sunflower is getting picked up-

Gatling pea(springs into action): Take that! And that! Aaaaaaaaand THAT!

Sunflower: It's not working...

Gatlingpea: Ok Siri, I'll sacrifice you to kill him.

Siri: It is my pleasure, Improvising Pants.

Repeater: WAT DA HECK!!!!!

Potato Mine: Im back! How's it going- OH LOOK! AN IPHONE!

  • Iphone crashes into zombies*
  • Bungee zombie dies*

All: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

-After 1700946738258234567519581365472999999999999999999999 hours of battling zombies-

Peashooter: Finally *cough* done.

Tangle kelp: Thank gatlingpea for saving us!

Gatlingpea: You welcome!

-Three epic seconds later-


Penny: Make way for the ultimate: TIME-MACHINE!

Crazy Dave: BalrgblugheeblarblagblupbuuuuurpuhbuhbleegsarbblarghhhaaableeghabploobleebarpubgreeefbnubeabgorapbpglbaplerlbugblhlAPWEBLKBPAMBFVPALL!

Penny: I think he said: Only peashooter, walnut, repeater, twin sunflower, sunflower, wintermelon, potato mine, torchwood, cherry-bomb, kernel-pult, cabbage-pult, melon-pult, three-peater, split pea, imitater, spikeweed, gravevuster, spikerock, and snow pea.

Gatlingpea: :(

  • Sneaks into time-machine*
  • Penny presses button*

Penny: Oh no gatlingpea what did you do? You completely changes the living world! What will happen now?

Gatlingpea: Uh oh...

Find out what happens next time on  Life of a Gatling pea 2: It's about time ancient egypt!

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