Last time you saw Gatlingpea, Crazy Dave went to somewhere unknown called the "Wild West"Edit

Peashooter: While you guys were chatting, me and sunflower won the game for you.

Gatlingpea: LOL

Peashooter: I know, right? LOL

Grave buster: Wow thanks!

Penny: Crazy Dave, tell them!

Crazy Dave: Blargh dem time machine iz ready blargh blurgbreeblah and we gotta go to dem wild west and-

Gatlingpea: Wut?

Crazy Dave: - and blarghblubleeblahblublablalblalblarghblueblueblargeluublughblarghbluebleeblargh!

Now when they enter the Wild West, they get a big surprise...Edit

Gatling pea: Wha.....where am I?

Coconut cannon IDK, IDC

Bloomerang: did Whoa from where come?

Grave buster: He probably means Whoa where did you come from?

Coconut cannon: You guys skipped an entire time period!

Now, by this time, I am supposed to be with you.

Kernel-pult: Yay you found me!

Spikeweed: My calculations say we are missing melon-pult, splitpea, and winter-melon.

Sunflower+peashooter+Gatlingpea: Oh great...

Melon-pult: Help guys I'm over here! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunflower: !

Coconut cannon: !!

Peashooter: !!!

Cherry bomb: !!!!

Imitater: !!!!!

Power lily: !!!!!!

Siri: !!!!!!!

Crazy Dave: !!!!!!!!

Grave buster: !!!!!!!!!

Gatling pea: !!!!!!!!!!

Sunflower: We gotta help melon-pult!

Zombies: Brains...

Peashooter: After defeating the zombies.

  • Gatlingpea thinks for a bit*

Gatling pea: Wow melon-pult. You and your men are really good at disguises, aren't you.

Melon-pult: What!?!?!?!?!?!? How did you know? Come on, it took forever waiting for you!

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