Made by the new user, the one and only, new guy here, little kid hacker (Seriously, im a kid) Fadl3321mario AKA FadlMINECRAFT!!!



Melon Pult

Crazy Dave


Lily Pad

Puff Shroom

Dr. Zomboss

KingPlant300 (Creator of this story's name in PvZ)



The StoryEdit

Menu screen, minigames, last stand, hack.




---Can you survive an endless zombie attack?---

KingPlant300: Yes I can!! *Plants 6 melon-pults, 30 peashooters, 6 puff-shrooms and of course, tall nuts and lily pads*

Melon Pult 1: Aaaah, a wonderful day!

Melon Pult 2: Whats wrong with you?! It's too foggy bro!!

Tall-Nut 1: I cannot see!! *Falls over* What?! Where am I?!

Tall-Nut 2: *Sigh* It isn't called 'fog' for nothing...

KingPlant300: The zombies are comin'! Plants! Do your thingy of shooting and hurling.

Conehead: Brainz! *Cone falls off and retreats like a Yeti Zombie*

Zomboni: *Car makes sound* Come onz, zamboni! *Explodes* ...

Peashooter 10: *Shoots pea* Must... *Shoots pea* Keep... *Shoots pea* Lawn... *Shoots pea* Defended... *Faints*

Crazy Dave: Wabby Wabbo.

KingPlant300: C'mon peashooters and melonies! You can do this!

Crazy Dave: Oooooooooh, a Yeti Zombie!

KingPlant300: COOL!!!

Yeti Zombie: Bwainz, bwainz, bwainz *Dies*

Melon-pult 6: C'mon bros! C'mon! *Kills a buckethead*

---=Meanwhile, at Fantastic Foggy Fair Of Zombies=---

Dr. Zomboss: Grrr!! We are failing!! Little imp and 'o' mighty Giga-Gargaunter!! Attack 'em all!!

Giga Gargaunter: Ok bozz, wi weel keell dem!

---=Back at the stand area=---

KingPlant300: Wha? Giga Gargaunter!

Giga Gargaunter: Ur brainz r miiiiiiiiiiine! *Throws imp*

Imp: Yeeeeeehaw!!!! *Hits tall-nut 5*

Tall-Nut 5: Ow! That hurts!

Imp: Giga Gargaunter!! Upgrade me!!!

Giga Gargaunter: OKZ, we make u smartz *Throws Smartness Bottle*

Smart Imp: Neeyahahahah! Acording to my studies a ladder is abble to by-pass this tall-nut with ease! And my hard-coat of metal will make me extremely resistant to damage! Neyahahah! *Climbs over tall-nut*

Tall-Nut 5: Oh what!?!?!? Noooo! Peashooter 10!!

Peashooter 10: *Wakes up from his fall* Wha? AAAAHHH!!! *Gets plant food* AWWW YEAH!!!!

KingPlant300: Wait a sec, this is PvZ 1!! How is there plant food?!?! * Penny shows up*

Penny: Hello there user KingPlant300, we come from the future to assist you.

KingPlant300: Cool! *Giga Gargaunter dies*

Giga Gargaunter: Me ded.

---=At Zomboss' lab=---

Zomboss: WHAT?!?! That machine Penny came with plant food and Giga Gargaunter died!* Another Zomboss appears from the future*

Future Zomboss: Greetings, past fellow.

Zomboss: And hello there my great future-self!

Future Zomboss: I have taken the zombies from the future to assist you! Muahahahaha! *Brings in Pharoah Zombie*, theres more!

Zomboss: Excellent!!!

---=Back at the stand area=--- *Pharoah Zombie appears*

KingPlant300: WHAT?!?! PHAROAHS?!?!

Penny: It appears Future Zomboss has been able to comunicate with the presenet Zomboss and are sending out tougher zombies for us to handle.

Future Crazy Dave: Is my taco ready yet?

Crazy Dave: *Gets the magic taco from level 3-4* Here.

Future Crazy Dave: *Eats taco* Yum!!

KP300 (Short for KingPlant300): Dave, this is no time for taco...

Both Daves: WABBY WABBO!!!

  • A zombie colored laser fires at KP300 from a Zombie Zpaceship*

KP300: AAAAAH!!!!

Z300 (Zombie300): Bwainz!!

KP300: Wait what???

  • KP300 runs into the house until recoveration*

Puff Shroom 1: I CAN FINALLY TALK!!!!

Peashooter 10: Why didn't you talk before?

Puff Shroom 1: Because KP300 scares me.

Peashooter 10: Oh.

  • KP300 recovers and gets out*

KP300: I'm back!!

Puff Shroom 1: *While whispering* Why'd you ruin my fun...

--=Back at the Zpaceship=--

Future Zomboss: No way, he recovered!

Zomboss: Impossible!!

Future Zomboss: Thats it, I'm sending my Prospector Zombie!

Zomboss: And I'm sending my Digger Zombie!


To be continued...

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