This is a short story by Ariq1144.


  • Basic Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Chomper


When life gives you brains, make brainade. That's what a regular basic zombie thinks. He just hope he get brains as soon as possible, or Dr. Zomboss will get mad at him. This is a story about how hard for a Basic Zombie to get brains is. He have to pass a lawnful of plants just to get the homeowner's brains. The problem is, he's 

Just A Basic Zombie.

Basic Zombie: "Brainz!"

Story Edit

One day, there are a basic zombie standing on the sidewalk...

Basic Zombie: "Thiz iz bawring. Ally can doo iz 2 try to gat the brainz from dat houze, but dose stoopid plantz kep kelling uz."

Conehead Zombie: "Datiz wai wee hava zhield 2 prutech uz. Thiz coune 4 ekzampel."

Basic Zombie: "Iwanta getha coune liek urs, butt whaire doo I gedit?"

Conehead Zombie: "Juzt taek dis 1 rieght herre."

Basic Zombie: "Thaenkz, Conhade!"

Conehead Zombie: "Nu brainzlem!"

After that, the basic zombie take the roadcone and goes to a lawn nearby... Crazy Dave's.

Basic Zombie that wears a roadcone on its head: "Luk woh's heare! It'z a new kunohead zombie!"

Chomper: "..."

Basic Zombie that wears a roadcone on its head: "Oopz! Chompy! gud chompy chumpy."

Chomper: "Grr..."

Basic Zombie that wears a roadcone on its head: "Uh-oh!"


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