This is a story about Jester Zombie that accidentally travel to Far Future and "get" a jetpack.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Peashooter
  • Peasant Zombie
  • Buckethead Peasant
  • Magnet-shroom
  • Jester Zombie
  • Conehead Peasant
  • Penny
  • Jetpack Zombie
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Future Zombie
  • Mecha-Football Zombie
  • Potato Mine
  • Cactus
  • Fume-shroom
  • Squash


In the Dark Ages, the plants are battling against the zombies...

Peashooter: "Keep shooting them!"

Peasant Zombie: "Graghbrainz..."

Buckethead Peasant: "Mebucketrargh..."

Magnet-shroom: "Not while I'm here!"

*Jester Zombie enters the lawn, and the Jester theme plays* 

Jester Zombie: "..."

Peashooter: "The Jester!"

The Jester Zombie spins very hard, then it got throwed out to the back of the lawn...

Peashooter: "Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark."

Conehead Peasant: "Peaz..."

Peashooter: "Hey, not so fast!" *shoot peas at Conehead Peasant*

Meanwhile, at the back of the lawn...

Jester Zombie: "Grargh..."

*Jester Zombie found Penny*

Jester Zombie: "Ooh!" *gets near Penny*

Penny: "Hey! What are you doing here? Don't press those buttons! Argh!"

*Jester Zombie and Penny are traveling through time*

Chapter 1: Future JesterEdit

In the Far Future...

*Jester Zombie and Penny appear from thin air*

Penny: "Now look at waht you've done! You broke my engines! Now I can't get back!"

Jester Zombie: *Scratching head* "Brainz?"

Suddenly, Jester Zombie see a Jetpack Zombie flying with his jetpack...

Jester Zombie: *The Jester theme plays* "Wow! Brarararainz!" *follows Jetpack Zombie*

Penny: "Hey! Do you even listened to me!?"

Jester Zombie: "Wuip!"

Penny: "Ugh. Now I'll have to fix the engines myself."

The Jester Zombie keeps following Jetpack Zombie...

Jetpack Zombie: "Hmm... That guy keeps following me..."

Jester Zombie: 

Jetpack Zombie: "Hmm... I better go ask him who is he."

*The Jetpack Zombie get down*

Jetpack Zombie: "Hey, who are you? I haven't seen you around here."

Jester Zombie: 

Jetpack Zombie: "Uh... What are you doing?"

*The Jester Zombie jumps, spins, then fall hardly*

Jetpack Zombie: "...Who... Are you?"

Jester Zombie: "Jester!"

Jetpack Zombie: "Uh... Jester?"

Jester Zombie: "Jester! Jester Jester Jester Jester! JESTER!!! Brainz." 

Jetpack Zombie: "(Whispers) This guy is starting to creep me out. Wait, where is he?"

Jester Zombie: *Wears the jetpack*

Jetpackless Zombie: "Waitwaitwaitwait NO!"

Jetpack Jester: *Flies with jetpack* "JESTEREDO!!!""

Jetpackless Zombie: "Oh no..."

*The Jester theme plays, showing Jetpack Jester doing the backstroke while flying*

Chapter 2: Future Zombie HeadquarterEdit

At the Future Zombie Headquarter (FZH)...

Dr. Zomboss: "How's it going?"

Future Zombie: "Everything's according to plan, sir! Soon we're going to have the Anti-Projectile Gun!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes, yes! With the Anti-Projectile Gun, we'll be able to deflect any projectiles! Mwuahahaha-"

*The Jester theme plays and Jetpack Jester fly through*

Dr. Zomboss: "-haha. HA!? JESTER!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?"

Jetpack Jester: 

Dr. Zomboss: "...GET HIM!"

*Future Zombies attacks Jetpack Jester, but Jetpack Jester deflects all the projectiles*

Future Zombie: "Sir! He keeps deflects everything!"

Dr. Zomboss: "WHAT!? HE-... is great!"

Future Zombie: "What do you mean, sir?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Think about it, Future Zombie! If we can get his power to our Anti-Projectile Gun..."

Future Zombie: "Brilliant idea, sir!"

Dr. Zombie: "Everyone! Catch him, ALIVE! Uh, I mean, UNDEAD!"

Mecha-Football Zombie: "Let me push him! He is no mach for my power of pushing!"

*Jetpack Jester deflect Mecha-Football Zombie*

Mecha-Football Zombie: "Yikes!"

*Someone knocks the door*

Dr. Zomboss: "Yeah? Get in!"

Jetpackless Zombie: "Excuse me, I was looking for- There you are!"

Jetpack Jester: "?"

Chapter 3: Here Comes The Plants!Edit

Meanwhile, at the empty lawn in the Far Future...

*Penny appear from thin air*

Peashooter: "Wow! The Far Future! Haven't come here lately..."

Penny: "Remember: Our mission is to locate the Jester."

Peashooter: "Yeah, I know, I know!"

Penny: "I just tell you in case you forgot-"

Peashooter: "Look!"

*The Jester theme plays, showing the entire Future Zombie Headquarter shaking*

Potato Mine: "Woah...! What do you think made that entire huge building shakes?"

*The entire FZH collapsed, showing Jetpack Jester floating*

Potato Mine: "Well, I think we all already know."

Peashooter: "The Jester!!!"

Jetpack Jester: *Look right, look left, scratch head*

Cactus: "Catch him!!!"

Fume-shroom: "(On top of jumping Squash) I'm ready!"

Squash: "We're going on the maximum speed!"

*Fume-shroom, riding squash, getting near to floating Jetpack Jester*

Fume-shroom: "CLIFFS!!!"

Squash: "Get ready!"

*Squash jumped highly, punched Jetpack Jester in slow-mo*

Jetpack Jester: "OOO... ARGH!"

*One of the buttons on the back of Jetpack Jester's jetpack is flashing rapidly*

Jetpack Jester: "Uh-oh!"

Fume-shroom: "Take. THIS!"

*Fume-shroom shoots fumes at Jetpack Jester*

Jetpack Jester: *Is falling* "Aaaarrgghh!!!"


*Jester Zombie falls near the cliffs, Squash and Fume-shroom lands*

Fume-shroom: "Yesh!"

Jester Zombie: *Eyes rolls at different d​irection*

Peashooter: "Nowhere's to run, Jester! You can choose the easy way, or the hard way!"

Jester Zombie: 

Cactus: "...I don't think he understand you."

Peashooter: "Well, hard way then! Plants, attack!"

The Plants attack the Jester Zombie, but Jester Zombie keeps deflecting them all...

Cactus: "Did you forgot he can deflect projectiles?"

Peashooter: *Is sweating* "I... actually... forgot..."

Cactus: "I think I have a better idea. Fume-shroom!"

Fume-shroom: "I'm here."

Cactus: "You know your job."

Fume-shroom: "Producing yeast spores for bakery?"

Cactus: *Facepalm* "No! I mean, attack that Jester Zombie!"

Fume-shroom: "Oh. Alrighty! Jester, prepare to taste my fumes!"

Jester Zombie: 

Fume-shroom: "Alright! HYAAAAA!!!"

Suddenly, this music plays.

Dr. Zomboss: "Not so fast!" *punch Fume-shroom*

Fume-shroom: "Argh!" *get knocked out*

Suddenly, there was Dr. Zomboss on top of his Zomblimp coming from the cliffs!


Dr. Zomboss: "Mwuahahahahaha!!!"

To Be Continued...


Jester Theme00:23

Jester Theme

Jester Theme

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Music - Dr00:06

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Music - Dr. ZomBoss (Far Future) Intro ☿ HD ☿

The music when Dr. Zomboss punch Fume-shroom

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