By Fuzzacles Lightning Blobulous Staff of Lightning Resistance (Drek)

Me: Hello! Can you tell me how can you detonate?

Jalapeno Zombie: It detoonetez itselv.


Jalapeno Zombie: That'z raight.

Me:OH DARN!!! I must talk quickly before you explodes! Why if you got hypnotized, the explosion is still burns plants unlike Jack-in-the-box zombie?

Jalapeno Zombie: I heve som sort off mikrochip thing insid my heead.

Me:Can you show me smile faces instead of that angry faces?

Jalapeno  Zombie: Noo, I cen't. Bicause dis is juice a feke facee.

Me:OK, I'll make u smile. (tries to make Jalapeno  Zombie smiles)

Jalapeno  Zombie: NOO! STAP IT!


Jalapeno  Zombie:That hurrtzzz!!!!!!

Me:K. It's time to end this. Bye!

Jalapeno  Zombie:Bye

(Jalapeno  Zombie explodes)

Me: Ah, that zombie burns my show again.