Characters: Edit


Jack O' Lantern


Prologue - The Haunted Road Edit

Sunflower is driving in her car late at night. A big thunderstorm is brewing, and eventually it gets too hard to see. Sunflower groans.

Sunflower: Why did it have to be the long way? I could have taken the shortcut...

Sunflower reaches for her map, taking her eyes off the road for a few seconds to check her location. Suddenly, a great flash of light appears, and Sunflower looks up. A car is swerving out of control towards her.

Sunflower: WHOA!!

Without thinking, Sunflower jumps out of the car and rolls into a ditch on the side of the road. A terrible scream and loud crash is the only thing she could hear as she slowly recovered in the hole.

Sunflower: Huh...? Who was that...?

Sunflower proceeds towards the wreckage and finds the body of a Fire Peashooter, too badly damaged for recovery.

Sunflower: ( to herself ) He's lost too many receptors. Poor Peashooter....

Sunflower picks up the body of the Fire Peashooter and wanders towards the ditch she landed in. She proceeds to bury the body, and after doing so, whispers a prayer to the newly-dug grave. Then she notices where she is.

Sunflower: I'm in... a pumpkin patch? How did I not notice this when I fell into the ditch?

Sunflower: Oh well. I suppose I should look around for a house or some shelter.

And not that much later, she finds a old mansion. But something seems off about it...


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