AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was written on 16:13, December 27, 2015 (UTC)! Also, the YouTube things are fake so don't ask me for links.

Well, today's my 60th birthday (December 27, 2015)! Actually, I made a video about this on my YouTube channel, and it got like around 100k views in just 4 hours! Most of the people says like "happy birthday" but some others are just trolling XD.

Well, Rachel gave me a new video capture card for my PC today because she knew that my old one is broken like three weeks ago and Camtasia's video recording is a mess. Thanks Rachel!

Ernest only gave me his old iPhone 5s. Lolwut, but thanks anyway!

There are around 3.6k people who donated on PayPal today, and they donated like $1-$5. Well, thanks for that too! It's nice to see how people knows my birthday.

Zomboss gave nothing so far, but it's OK.

Also, it's Hayley Williams', Louis Pasteur's, and Johannes Kepler's birthday today! They're all has a birth date of December 27! Guess I need to tune the "Stay the Night" song today for my YouTube birthday live stream. I don't plan for a Twitch gamestream today, so sorry. Only YouTube stream, OK?

I'll do a live stream at 10am PST, so stay tuned.

Haven't installed the capture card yet, but I'll do it soon today.

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