By The Zombie O.O. This fan fic is inspired by Iamarepeater's Interview with all plants: Getting arrested.


Me: So, here we are, in the prison in Player's Town. Mainly because all the zombies got landed there after Officer Ron kidnapped all of them. I'm disguised as a regular human, btw!

Me: So, i'll just look at you, and you tell me why you're arrested. Ok, zombies?

Zombies (Unsimultaenously): BRAINNZZZ

Basic Zombie: For being too basic, and coming in larger waves than i should for the first playthrough of PvZ, in 1-1.

Conehead Zombie: Disrupting traffic when i picked up a roadcone.

Buckethead Zombie: Stealing paint buckets from painters.

Pole Vaulting Zombie: Wat? Oh, i was in the Zomlympics, when i pole vaulted into the prison. You can see the hole above me.

Newspaper Zombie: DO NOT INTERRUPT MY SUDOKU (Rages)

Screen Door Zombie: Eh, i plucked off a screen door from a person's house. Person in there called the cops.

Football Zombie: I threw a football.

Me: Aand?

Football Zombie: It hit the chief police guy.

Dancing Zombie: For causing a nuisance with my disco. It caused all the humans to tie me up and throw me into prison.

Backup Dancer: Same as Dancing Zombie there.

Ducky Tube Zombie: Well, first i went to a pool. And, i sank! But i found a ducky tube, with a kid inside, and i ate him, but i saved myself! However, his dad beat me up and here i am.

Zomboni: It's summer, so my Zamboni apparently caused a ruckus at the beach after i caused ice to cover the entire area.

Zombie Bobsled Team: I was following Zomboni too close, and i got arrested for tailgating.

Dolphin Rider Zombie: Some little kid wanted to cuddle my dolphin, and it murdered him. Well...but i didn't know he was a policeman's son.

Jack-in-the-box Zombie: Oh, i selled ExPlOsIvE gifts to CHILDRENZ and they blew up their rooms.

Balloon Zombie: For stealing 1000 balloons! Amazing, i say.

Digger Zombie: I mined...

Me: So?

Digger Zombie: Into this prison. My pick broke at the exact timing i went here, and now there's a cave-in at where i entered the prison, so i'm stuck here.

Pogo Zombie: SHUT UP I AM CURRENTLY GETTING OUT OF HERE BY using my Pogo Stick as a jackhammer! Scientist helped me with it!

Zombie Yeti: Murraabrainzz....

Bungee Zombie: I bungee-jumped into a mansion, which had a big party at the moment.

Ladder Zombie: Well...i placed a ladder next to a house, and landed from the chimney. HEY, what are you laughing at?

Me: That's like Santa Claus, which you aren't. xD

Catapult Zombie: I lobbed basketballs at literally everyone in the town.

Gargantuar: ME SMASH!

Imp: He means, he smashed a train.

Trash Can Zombie: I poured trash on plants! Too bad Matilda was looking at me at that time.

(All ZomBotany zombies are not interviewed here)

Giga-gargantuar: ME SMASH EVEN STRONGER!

Giga-Football Zombie: I was playing with Football Zombie, and when he threw the football, i jumped to grab it, and basically i landed on a car, and broke it.


Barrel Zombie: Well...while changing my barrel, people saw me.

DJ Zom-B: Same as Dancing Zombie. Hey, disco requires a DJ, doesn't it?

Rocket Zombie: For learning science until i destroyed Crazy Dave's garage!

Conga Leader: Summoning illegal dancers?

Ice Block Zombie: The fish in. My. Block.

Me: Did?

Ice Block Zombie: It did. It. Stank. Made people faint.

Imposter Zombie (Top): Well, for making people think we have split personalities

Imposter Zombie (Bottom): No, you idiot! It's because you tripped over my head, and landed on a human!

Mall Cop Zombie: I am a cop...but i am arrested.

Me: Your point is? 


Me: Oh gosh!

Weightlifter Zombie: DO YOU EVEN LIFFT?! I did! But I lifted too much!

Gas Can Zombie: Smoking while having a gas can.

Coach Zombie: Since Football and Giga-Football Zombie are in my football team, i got arrested too.


Ancient EgyptEdit

(In the Ancient Egypt Plant Prison)

Me: I have time travelled to Egypt, and to interview the zombies we encounter there! So, Ra?

Ra Zombie: I stole too much sun. Aand i actually made the Pharaoh sad, so he ordered me to be sent here.

Camel Zombies: Dancing illegally.

Explorer Zombie: For being a time paradox. (Disappears through a time rift, and appears again) For being a time paradox. Wait, did i say that already? (Disappears again)

Tomb Raiser Zombie: For injuring Cattail in front of all her fans.


Pirate SeasEdit

(In the Ye Zombie Swine Prison...)

Swashbuckler Zombie: I swashed, and buckled. Inntoo this area.

Seagull Zombie: I had no seagull license.

Barrel Roller Zombie: Squashing plants, and abusing imps.

Imp Cannon (Imp #1): Oh, we launched ourselves into the King's palace.

Pirate Captain Zombie: My ship was bombed by the imperial fleet.

Wild WestEdit

Me: Well, now to head to Wild West, and i hope no weird stuff happens there!

(Time travels again)

Prospector Zombie: Stealing gold from a mine.

Pianist Zombie: My songs were so bad, they killed zombies.

Poncho Zombie: I'll be back.

Chicken Wrangler Zombie: Herding chickens that belonged to another chicken wrangler!

Zombie Bull (Bull): Systems malfunctioning. Mechanical jump-around-and-go-crazy mode activated. (Goes hyper)

Zombie Bull (Imp): My bull is talking! It scared all the other zombies, and i also got launched by it into the prison!

Far FutureEdit

Me: Now, lads, behold! The Far Future. My FAVOURITE time period.

(Travels to Futuristic Necromanced Zombie Prison)

Me: Jetpack? Where are you?

Jetpack Zombie: Up here, The Zombie O.O. Anyways, i flew above the height limit.

Shield Zombie: I began a BiteStarter campaign to create a mechanical bus-car-tank to protect and move zombies around. It got enough funds, but zombies accused me of embezzling them.

Robo-cone Zombie: Did Brain Pi with my machine against other Robo-cones, and murdered both the machine AND the driver.

Robo-cone Mech: Brain Pi calculated. Value is 3 + Brains + 0.1859365376209572650267 + Taco-

Me: Okay, that's enough.

Disco-tron 3000: Same as Dancing Zombie, as i time travelled to disco with him.

Mecha-Football Zombie: The push goal for me to push at least 10 Holo-Tall-nuts was not met, and i lost my mech. I stole another. 

Dark AgesEdit

Me: Confusing. But now, it is le time, to go to thy old-Dark-darker-darkest Zombie infested Ages!

(Travels to Plant Royal Prison)

Me: Hello, zombies from the Dark Age! Soo, time to begin my in interview. Jester?

Jester Zombie: Spinning around in the streets when Zombie King didn't give me a license to do so.

Knight Zombie: I accidentally dented my headwear, and king sent me here. I thought there were brainz here..

Wizard Zombie: Turning McDonalds into Taco Bell into Trollface.


Me: Emm, just tell me why you're here.

Zombie King: Promoting too many peasants.

Big Wave BeachEdit

Me: Time to go to the sunny times. This is quite dark, actually.

(Currently in Coastal Cave for Zombies in BWB)

Me: Good afternoon, everyone. I am here in Big Wave Beach. Time to go interview!

Snorkel Zombie: Staring at Bikini Zombie's bu*t, and thinking I could get away by diving.

Surfer Zombie: Placing my surfboard in illegal positions.

Octo Zombie: Hey, I opened a sushi restaurant.

Me: Aaand?

Octo Zombie: I got arrested because the octopi i used to make sushi were poisonous.

Fisherman Zombie: Pulled in EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE PLANT PEE-SHOOTER into the water!

Me: So then what happened?

Fisherman Zombie: Sunflower and all of Peashooter's FAAAANNNNS attacked me.

Frostbite CavesEdit

Me: Alright! We are back further in time again to the Ice Age! Actually Frostbite Caves, but still.

Hunter Zombie: Stealing snowballs from a mountain that led to an avalanche.

Dodo Rider Imp: Not learning how to fly.

Troglobite: Pushing ice blocks without a certificate to do so.

Weasel Hoarder Zombie: Storing too many weasels, they made too much noise.

Lost CityEdit

Me: I have no idea why I joined the expedition.

Lost Pilot Zombie: Didn't have a pilot license, mate!

Excavator Zombie: Digging too much soil with a gold shovel. Never knew those were banned.

Parasol Zombie: I ran out of money funding the expedition.

Bug Zombie: ...

(Not doing Kung-Fu World and GW)

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