OK, so I went to Bali a few weeks ago, but I still remember this tiny little thing (cuz I always write random things I found to my diary).

So, I watched a TV show called "On the Spot", and it's some kinda "top seven" list show, which is pretty amusing. However, it also tells things that happened over the last week, which is pretty nice.

It also displays some screenshots of news relating to what it explains.

But! There's one thing that's pretty interesting here. When it displays one of the news screenshots. (7 simple inventions that changed our life AFAIK), the screenshot ALSO shows the TITLE bar! It appears that they're using Firefox, and the title bar is BLUE, meaning that they still use WINDOWS XP! OMG! Seriously, it's pretty hilarious because Windows XP is no longer supported over than a year ago.

Also, when they show a screenshot of the article of the inventor of safety pins on Wikipedia, there's an ad on top of the page which is blurred. Wikipedia NEVER puts any ads on their website, meaning that they are INFECTED by some adware! Looks like they don't know how to install free software, since the rule of installing them is to be careful on clicking the "next" buttons. Some of the options may lead to installing adware (happens very often when installing stuff from CNET or SourceForge), and you need to untick stuff that leads to installing adware.

They don't seem to know how to remove them, either. Malwarebytes+AdwCleaner+manual uninstall should work perfectly on dealing with them.

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