This is a story of Gargantuar that become smaller than Imp.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Gargantuar
  • Imp


One day, at the graveyards...

Gargantuar: "Yawn..."

Imp: "Hello!"

Gargantuar: "Agh! You're surprizing me!"

Imp: "Sorry. Hey, wanna attack Crazy Dave's house?"

Gargantuar: "Ouhkaey!"

They attack Crazy Dave's house, but when Gargantuar is weak and throw Imp, the Imp die quickly. Because of that they surrender and return to the graveyards.

Gargantuar: "Ugh!"

Imp: *Put on arm and head*

Gargantuar: "Wut happenz? Wai did yu die so quickley? Ur smal, end weak."

Imp: "Hey, it's not my fault my body are small and weak!"

Gargantuar: "Me stroung! Me don't like weak zumbis!"

Imp: "FINE!" *leaves*

Gargantuar: "Gow! Shoo! Me don't nead weak."

After that, Gargantuar sleeps.

At the next day...

Gargantuar: "...Zzz..."


Gargantuar: "...Zzzhuh? WAI DID U DISTURRB MEH-"

Gargantuar sees Imp and everything become so big, and realize that it was he who become smaller.

Gargantuar: "..."

Imp: "Why so surprised? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" *chase Gargantuar*

Gargantuar: "AAAAAAARGH!!!!!" *runs*

Imp: "You can run, but you can't hide! Because you're smaller than me!"

Gargantuar: "Oh nouwz!" *hide behind a tree*

Imp: "Gargantuaaar? Where aaare youuuu? Are you in HERE!?" *opens a garbage can* "No? Are you... IN HERE!?" *looks behind another tree* "No?"

Gargantuar: "Whew!"

Imp: "Like I say before, you can run, but you can't hide! FOUND YOU!!!" *chase Gargantuar*

Gargantuar: "AAAAAHHH!!!" *runs*


Gargantuar: "Get away froum meh!"




Gargantuar: "...Zzz- Huh?"

Imp: "You're having a nightmare!"

Gargantuar: "IMP!? AAAARGH!!!" *runs and hit a tree* "ARGH! AAAAAAHHH!!!!!"

Imp: "What kind of nightmare he has that causing him to go mad like that?"

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