Characters Edit



Dr. Zomboss


Two Cherry Bombs

Tater Tots(Imitater's kids)

<insert name here>

Prologue Edit

In the Pirate Seas-Day 25…

Dr. Zomboss: Mwahaha!

Imitater: FIGHT 'IM!

Fume-shroom & Cherry Bombs: WE CAN'T! HELP!

Imitater: Back here! Quick!(rushes to back of ship)

Gargantuar: Ghrahhrbranepircdbgrh!

Plants: Oh-oh.

Dr. Zomboss: HAMWAHHA!(zaps Imitater with evilizer ray)

Chapter 1: Plant Food Effect Edit

The next day, the plants went to Wild West to face the Wild West Gargantuar.

Gargantuar: Warghhbrainsghharghhgwharg!! SMASH!!!

Imitater(hiding behind saloon): They won't know, not at all. Heh, heh, heh.(Slips into Fume-shroom disguise)

Imitater Fume-shroom: FUMETIME! (zaps plants with fumes)

Cherry Bombs: What the…I'm trying Plant Food! This better work.

Imitater Fume-shroom: Thanks… SUCKERS! (blows them away with fumes)

Cherry Bombs: Oh, that's IT.

Chapter 2: Tater Tots Edit

Cherry Bombs: Hey Tater Tots!

Tater Tots: What?

Cherry Bombs: Your dad went bad!

Cherry Bombs: F-F-FUME-SHROOM?

Fume-shroom: The tots found me in Imitater's jailcell andd got me out!

Cherry Bombs: So IMITATER was the one that blew us away?

Fume-shroom: Yup!

Dr. Zomboss: Aha! I finally found you!

Fume-shroom and Tater Tots: Not likely.(dismantles machine)

Dr. Zomboss: No! NO! KABOOM!

Gargantuar: Grrrrrrr!

Cherry Bombs: I'll handle this! (explodes Gargantuar)


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