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You see, I'm Scaredy-Shroom.

Now first, I want you to know that I'm scared of everything because I see zombies everywhere. Opening a cupboard? I see zombies coming out of it. About to go to bed? I see a zombie coming out of the window. Chomper's cooking? Well, it's Chomper's cooking. Who wouldn't be scared of it? I even thought Dr. Fox Manwhen he was interviewing me, was an orange Yeti Zombie with two tails. I managed to keep my fear under wraps. Sunflower corrected me later, after I escaped from that Bungee Zombie.

Well, to the story!

I was in the backyard, at night, quivering with fear. Then I heard a noise in the grass.

"Zombies!" I yelled and fired. I accidentally hit Peashooter, and then a possum came out of the bush. Peashooter looked at me with an angry look on his face, then he faced back to his natural direction.

Then I spotted a red light out of the corner of my eye. It was on the roof. It created a plasma beam that snaked down to the window that lead to the plant room. Then the light and beam dissapeared.

I was scared out of my mind when I went up to the plant room, but then I realized the beam wasn't hunting my pot. Suddenly, Tangle Kelp and five of the Lily Pad's pots were glowing. Then the the plants were sucked into them. Then they came back out, but their eyes were a dark shade of green.

I was scared silly for the day. It didn't help that Tangle Kelp sat across from me at breakfast and that 2 of the Lily Pads were on my sides.The only thing soothing me was that Threepeater had cooked breakfast, and he was one of the best cooks in the house. Every dreamy bite temporarily relieved me of my fear and put me in a world of happiness. But when Tangle Kelp caught my eye, I became scared again.


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