This is a story about Hypno-shroom that become evil because everyone is forgetting him.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Hypno-shroom
  • Repeater
  • Flag Zombie
  • Peashooter
  • Basic Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
  • Cactus
  • Giga-Football Zombie
  • Potato Mine
  • Marigold
  • Squash
  • Sunflower


One quiet afternoon at the garden...

Hypno-shroom: "...Zzz..."



Hypno-shroom: "Huh? What? Zombies? ZOMBIESS!"

*The plants are getting in position*

Chapter 1: Afternoon Battle

Flag Zombie: "...Grr...BRAINZ..."

Peashooter: "Come on! We can't let them win!"

Repeater: "I know that!" *shoot peas*

Basic Zombie: "...Graarh..."

Conehead Zombie: "...Brainz..."

Buckethead Zombie: "...Grrgh..."

Cactus: "Wait, I think I see something!"

Peashooter: "What's that, Cactus?"

Cactus: "It's a... GIGA-FOOTBALL ZOMBIE!!!"

Giga-Football Zombie: "...GRARRGH..."

Potato Mine: "Oh no! Most of the plants are not here!"

Peashooter: "It's okay, if we attack it together, we can--"

Marigold: "RUUUN!!!"

*The plants retreats and hides, except Peashooter and Hypno-shroom*

Peashooter: "..."

Hypno-shroom: "It's okay. Let me do my job."

*The Giga-Football Zombie bite Hypno-shroom, but is hypnotized and bites every zombie on its way, killing them.*

Peashooter: "Wow!"

Hypno-shroom: "That'll teach 'em to not come back again!"

Peashooter: "Alright! Time to finish up that Giga-Football Zombie!"

*Peashooter shoots at the Giga-Football Zombie and it dies*

Peashooter: "Great job, Hypno!"

Hypno-shroom: "It's nothing."

*Potato Mine get out from the hiding area*

Potato Mine: "Hey everyone! The zombies have been defeated! You can get out!"

Squash: "What?"

Marigold: "Really?"

Potato Mine: "Yeah! It's Peashooter! I saw him shooting at the Giga-Football Zombie!"

Peashooter: "No! Actually, it's--"

*The plants are swarming Peashooter*

Squash: "Is it true?"

Repeater: "Not bad for a beginner."

Cactus: "I know you can do it."

Marigold: "My hero!"

Potato Mine: "It's true! I saw it with my own eyes!"

Peashooter: "Wait! No! You don't understand! I--"

Squash: "We understand that you just saved the day. Come on, everyone! Let's celebrate!"

The Plants: "YEAH!"

*The plants leave, leaving Hypno-shroom alone*

Hypno-shroom: "...GRR!!!"

Chapter 2: Hypnotic Effect

The next morning, at the mushroom garden...

Puff-shroom: "Yaawn... It was a tiring night... Hey, where's Hypno-shroom?"

*Puff-shroom looks around, finding every mushrooms are sleeping on their pot, except for the missing Hypno-shroom*

Puff-shroom: "Hmm... You know what? Yaawn... Who cares... Zzz..."

Meanwhile, at the garden, behind the bushes...

Squash: "Where's Hypno-shroom? He told me to meet him here."

Hypno-shroom: "I'm here."

Squash: "There you are! So, what do you want to tell me?"

Hypno-shroom: "I wanted to tell you something, but you have to come closer."

Squash: *Come closer* "Alright, what is it?"

Hypno-shroom: "SHAZAM!!!"


A while later...

Marigold: "Dum de dum... Jogging in the garden sure is fun!"

Suddenly, Squash squashed Marigold!


Hypno-shroom: "I think I know what happens here."

Marigold: "H-Hypno-shroom!?"

Hypno-shroom: "Hello."


Sunflower: "Marigold? I heard a noise. Are you okay?"

Marigold: "Yeah. I'm okay. Everything's fine."

Sunflower: "Hmm... Okay, then!" *leaves*

Marigold: "Uh, Sunflower?"

Sunflower: *Turns around* "Yeah?"

Marigold: "There's someone that wants to meet you."

Sunflower: "Really? Who?"

Marigold: "He's right behind you."

Sunflower: "Huh?" *turns around*

Hypno-shroom: "SHAZAM!!!"


Sunflower: "..."

Hypno-shroom: "Hahaha! With this, now I have three hypnotized plants on my side!"

Meanwhile, Potato Mine is hiding in the bushes...

Potato Mine: "This is bad! I have to tell this to Peashooter as soon as possible!" *turns around* "AH!"

Hypno-shroom: "You're not going anywhere..." *evil laughs*


Chapter 3: Hypnotic Battle

Peashooter: "Hmm... I wonder where everyone is? I haven't seen a single plant this afternoon."

Hypno-shroom: "I think I know."

Peashooter: "Huh? Hypno-shroom?"

*The plants follows Hypno-shroom*

Peashooter: "There you are! I knew you guys were joking!"

Hypno-shroom: *Getting close to Peashooter, with the plants following* "Oh, no, Peashooter... We don't..."

Peashooter: "...Huh? G-Guys? Why did you all have swirly eyes? Guys?"

Potato Mine: "You're great, Peashooter..."

Marigold: "My hero..."

Cactus: "I knew you can do it..."

Peashooter: "W-What's happening?"

Hypno-shroom: "What's happening!? I'll tell you what's happening!!! Everyone, ATTACK!!!"

Peashooter: "W-What?"

Squash: "GRARR!!!" *jumps towards Peashooter*

Peashooter: "!!!" *dodges*

Repeater: "Take this!!!" *shoot peas at Peashooter*

Peashooter: "Huh!?" *is getting hit* "OW! OUCH!"

Squash: "GRARR!!!"

Peashooter: "Ah!" *dodges*

Hypno-shroom: "You can't dodge forever, Peashooter... Hehehe..."

As everyone attacks Peashooter, time passes and it's nighttime now...

Hypno-shroom: "Hmm! Nighttime! A perfect time for a reinforcement!" *whistles*

Suddenly, the mushrooms appeared and starts attacking Peashooter...

Peashooter: "You guys too!?"

Hypno-shroom: "Yes, Peashooter... Yes! Everyone hates you! They want you GONE!"

Peashooter: "What should I do... I can't attack them..."

Hypno-shroom: "Mwuahahahahaha!!!!!"

Peashooter: "Hypno-shroom! Listen! I'm sorry, okay?"

Hypno-shroom: "What? Sorry? Hahahahaha!!! It's too late..."

Peashooter: "But it's not my fault! It's them who--"

Hypno-shroom: "If you didn't exist, they wouldn't do that, wouldn't they?"

Peashooter: "..."

Hypno-shroom: "Hahahahaha!!!"

The Plants: "...GRRH..." *getting close to Peashooter*

Peashooter: "..."

Hypno-shroom: "What's the matter, Peashooter? You give up? Hahahahaha!!!"

Peashooter: "I..."

The Plants: "...GRARRH..." *getting closer to Peashooter*

Peashooter: "...IT'S NOT ME!!!"

Hypno-shroom: "What?"

Peashooter: "It's not me who defeat the zombies last time, it was Hypno-shroom! He hypnotize the Giga-Football Zombie that bites every zombie and I just finish it with just a few shots!"

The Plants: "..."

Peashooter: "Please... I'm so sorry for taking your fames, Hypno-shroom! So please... Stop..."

Hypno-shroom: "It's too late!!! Mwuahahahahahaha!!!"

Peashooter: "..."

Potato Mine: "...Peashooter?"

Peashooter: "!!!" *turns around*

Hypno-shroom: "What!?"

Peashooter: "You guys...!"

Potato Mine: "Now that we understand the situation, there's nothing to be sorry about."

Squash: "Yeah, it's okay."

Marigold: "Even if you didn't do it, you're still a brave hero!"

Hypno-shroom: "What!!! How could this happen!!!"

Peashooter: "Thank you."

Squash: "Now, let's kick that mushroom's butt!"

Marigold: "Yeah!"

Hypno-shroom: "How could this happen!? Stop! You're under my control..."

Squash: "No we're not! Hyaah!" *squashes Hypno-shroom*

Hypno-shroom: "Ack!"

Marigold: "Did you heard that, everyone? Let's go kick some mushroom butt!!!"

The Plants: "YEAH!!!"

Hypno-shroom: "NOOO!!!"


The next morning...

Potato Mine: "So, how did you punish him, Peashooter?"

Peashooter: "Simple. Watch. Slave!"

Hypno-shroom: "Yes, master."

Peashooter: "Where's my drink?"

Hypno-shroom: "Here it is, master."

Peashooter: "Good. Now, why don't you, uhh, go and paint all the leaves on the trees to make the garden look nicer?"

Hypno-shroom: "What colors should I paint the leaves, master?"

Peashooter: "Uh... Polka dots! Now, go!"

Hypno-shroom: "Yes, master."

Potato Mine: "Wow! How did you make him do that?"

Peashooter: "Nothing! Just make him stare at the mirror! Hehe!"

Potato Mine: "Haha!"

Squash: "Hey, slave! Bring me my towel!"

Hypno-shroom: "Yes, master."