By: Iamarepeater

Put that weed down or else...

Director: I will never accept weed after this!

Me: Shut it or else!

Loaction: Plant City Studios (Open aired)


Iamarepeater (From his eyes)

Golden Sunflower

Solden Peashooter

Why Hypno-Shroom failed.

Director: ACTION!

(Play Zombie On Your Lawn)

(When Hypno-Shroom makes his appearance) Hypno-Shroom: Hypno-Shroom (Sounds like he's on weed)

(Music contiune until the countdown) Hypno-Shroom: 3....1.... 2....

Me: What the? Is he on weed?

Then during the singing part, Hypno-Shroom was smoking weed on stage with a different music played. Smoke came out of its mouth and spread to the entire studio. Everything was mysteriously slowed down.

Golden Sunflower (Slow motion): Why is everything slow?

Me (Slow motion): I think it's his (Hypno-shroom) fault.

Inside the mind of the mushroom, everyone was floating in outer space with nyan brain and the the Golden Duo and I floating around like never before.

Director (Slow motion): CUT! CUT! CUT! CUT!

(Play music which indicated that Hypno-Shroom failed)

For those who needs to know what happened after that, Hypno-Shroom was locked up in a weed-addict hospital for the rest of his life.

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