Humans, Plants, and Zombies (abbreviated HPZ) is an upcoming series about an everyday life of (obviously) humans, plants, and zombies. Most of the main characters here are zombies (as opposed to plants in PvZ), and they no longer eat brains, since all the stories happen after Zomboss was killed.

Zombies no longer harm humans and plants, and they can interact with each other. They're nicer than humans and plants, no longer dumb, and rather skinny. They no longer wear damaged outfits, unlike in PvZ.

The time setting of this series is uncertain. It could go anywhere between 2015-2020, although the current year will be picked the most.

The story mostly takes place in Los Angeles, and the title is an obvious parody of Plants vs. Zombies.




Note: the character names can change at any time.


  • Ernesto Aguirre Maldonado
  • Matthew Vito Salvador
  • Andrew Flynn
  • Chris Hopkins


  • Rachel Teller (Sunflower, name's based on a character in Need for Speed Underground 2)
  • Charles H. Peabody (Peashooter, Rachel's husband)
  • Terrance L. Peabody (Repeater, Charles's brother)
  • Rose Thomason
  • more TBA


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