An alternate fanfic of Scientist Interview, which shares the similar storyline.


One day... Scientist works on a lab. He experimented something crazy, so that's why he wears lab glasses and gloves.

Scientist: Well, I'm gonna make something that's capable of growing hairs UPWARDS!

I'm gonna mix this thing, with sodium hydroxide, neutralize the pH by using some citric acid......... (continues to speak to himself)

5 mins later...

Scientist: YEAH! FINISHED! Now I'm gonna test this thing to my hair... (pours the liquid to his hair) IT WORKS!!! Wow, I look cool now...

(someone knocks the lab door)

Scientist: Who's that?

Zombie: (groans)

(Scientist opens the door)

Zombie: (lunges at Scientist) RAH!!!! I'M GONNA EAT UR BRAINZ!!!

Scientist: No! No! Stop! I have a high IQ!!! NO!! PLEASE DON'T!! I'm a genius!!! I don't wanna lose my brain!

Zombie: I'm gonna rip your head off (rips his head until his brain exposed and eats it)


Few days later...

Scientist: (groans) I'm gonna find some brains... well, I'm gonna take this gun cuz this seems helpful... (takes a goo blaster from a table. Actually the zombie that eats his brain left it there)

And that's how he has the gun in PVZGW.

On PvZGW...Edit

One day, he walks aimlessly into somebody's garden/lawn.

Scientist: What's this? This looks like a lawn.

Then a Foot Soldier comes and jumpscares him...

Foot Soldier: (knocks him from his back) BAM! What are you doing here?

Scientist: HEY! You almost gave me a heart attack (groans). You know, I walk like crazy and I found this place.

Foot Soldier: Oh... Well, I'm gonna give you this thing (gives a zombie heal station)

Scientist: What's this?

Foot Soldier: It's a thing to heal you or other zombies.

Scientist: Thanks.

Foot Soldier: You're welcome.

Scientist: BTW, what's that thing on your shoulder?

Foot Soldier: It's a ZPG. A thing to blast plants.

Scientist: That sounds dangerous.

Foot Soldier: Now let's go to Zomboss HQ.

Scientist: What's that?

Foot Soldier: It's our huge base. You can find stuff you need there.

Scientist: BRAINZZZZ!!!!!111ONE

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