The final hows and whys that features zombies.


Well, if you guys wonder how can I turn into a zombie, then here it is.

Being a zombie is NOT cool at all. I always feel like I'm a dumb person when I go outside, since normally zombies are dumb. I never wanted to be a zombie, but this is my fate that I must face. A HORRIBLE fate.

So one day, back in 2013, I got a phone call from an unknown person. I literally don't know the phone number since it just says "Unknown caller". Basically, I just deny any unknown caller calls, but this one keeps calling me every few hours, which is annoying and kinda creepy. Since I'm really annoyed with this guy, I decided to respond the call. At first, only silence can be heard, but suddenly I heard something. The voice is masked, as if it was a phone call from some government (well, sometimes they mask their voice on phone calls).

"Someone... is watching you. Be aware."

Then the call ended. It kinda creeps me out, as if someone from the government warned me that something bad is gonna happen to me. Well, I just ignore them since I think someone just make some random prank calls to me, but I was wrong.

4 days after I got this phone call, some random junk mails come from my Gmail account. The message is always the same, but they're from different senders. The names aren't random, they're just like normal people's names, but the content is always the same, as if they were sent from the same person. It reads like this:

Subject: The "Z" is watching.

From: (redacted)


This guy is watching you. Prepare yourself.


At first, I was just like "WTF?", but the next thing that happened is really scary. Someone knocked the door. Well, I prepared myself with my baseball bat, in case if this guy's messing with me. I opened the door and...

He lunged at me.

I wasn't quick enough to attack him, and I dropped my bat. I tried to break free, but I couldn't. He was stronger than me. He's really thin, but his power is really aggressive.

"OUCH! STOP IT! HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! RELEASE ME!" That's what I said. But he didn't release me, obviously. Instead...

He tore my head, my upper head, just right where my brain is located in. I shouted "HELP! PLEASE HELP!" but no one responded. The moment he broke open my skull, I shouted 

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!" but still, nobody responded. I didn't know what happened next, but after I'm conscious, I was inside Zomboss's R&D center. I met Zomboss there, and he made me his test subject.

Well, that's what I can tell. One message: Be careful when answering unknown numbers. They may be zombies. Just be aware.

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