WIP story that tells for example how pvz in 2D came in 3D. Made by A Zombie.

Characters Edit

  • Dr. Zomboss
  • George Fan
  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Cactus
  • Chomper
  • Random potted plants
  • Crazy Dave
  • Random-Plant&Zombie variants
  • Random plant&zombie abilities
  • Random aviable summon-zombies
  • Me (Narrator)
  • Extra Zombie

Progouloge Edit

Setting: Normal fight lawn, Varldon, Seattle, Washington, USA, 2007

Me: It was a fresh morning in Varldon. It was the last wave of zombies.


Basic Zombie: I'm not basic! Brainzz!! *Groans and dies*

Peashooter: Yeah, sucker! Let's celebrate with peas, Sunflower oil, cactus, and goop! And of course, don't forget PLANT-FOOD!

Me: Beacuse only Peashooter, Cactus, Chomper, and Sunflower were defending the lawn. So they spent all the day on having a party. But Dr. Zomboss had a bigger plan.

Dr. Zomboss: Yes! My new inator will change everything!

Part 1: Uprooting 3D WarfareEdit

Setting: Zomboss Estate, Fan Ztret, Seattle, Washington DC, 2007

Dr. Zomboss: Extra Zombie! Come here.

Ez: Okay! So what do you have in your mind?

Dr. Z: A new 3D-inator!

Ez: Perfect! Activate it!

Dr. Z: Fine! *Pushes the bottun*

Me: Firstly, the plants react.

Peashooter: What's happening?

Chomper: Idk. This seems like we are teleporting-

Sunflower: In rainbow colors!

Cactus: Yeah.

Me: Then the zombies react.

Zombie: What's happening? I just gradutated to a Foot Solider!

Fat zombie: Enignier here...

Sceintist zombie: You know me!

Football zombie: People call me All-star now. Wierd...

Me: Then the humans, so animals (What? They do react too... :P), and then the others.

Sunflower: Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Peashooter: Keep calm, and enjoy the new world.

Chomper: Hey! I can move!

Cactus: We have different abilities! *Lays down a Potato mine*

Peashooter: Hey, did you just poop?

Cactus: Shaddap.

Chomper: What so ever. Wow! I can see, but my eyes won't show up! Peashooter, you look more angryer, Sunflower, you look more happier, and Cactus! Well... You don't have much difference.

Cactus: Thank goodness for that.

Sunflower: *Laughs* I love you all so much! You need some health. *Activates heal beam.*

Me: What does a zombie say? Or I mean a group, sorry.

Foot Solider: This feels like Zombie-War!

Engiener zombie: More like to bulid and fix stuff!

Sceintist zombie: I have a healing ability? And I can throw bombs AND teleport?!

All-Star: A better place to play Soccer!

Dr. Zombies: My brainless minions! Go get the plants now!

Me: So at the plant's side there where testing out many of their own abilities.

Sunflower: There we go. A healing flower!

Chomper: Cool! I can plant! *Plants a Goop-shroom*

Goop-Shroom: Goorp!

Cactus: *Sniping* Is it a zombie over there? *Aiming at Foot-Soldier*

Foot-Solider: Oh no! He is sniping at me! Better hide! *Goes behing a hill* U, some... Rocks? *Summons a Coffin zombie* Cool I can summon stuff! Zombie-Awesome!

Me: At the garden...

Peashooter: Guess we gotta defend this garden from zombies...

Me: A man comes down from the skys...

All the plants: GEORGE FAN?!

Geroge Fan: Yup, that's me! Dr. Zomboss managed to change this world!

Chomper: What?!

G. Fan: Yup, that's right! You heard me.

Chomper: Acctuly not.

G. Fan: Facepalm... Sigh *Facepalms*

Chomper: Lol!

G. Fan: Shut up, or I'll remove ya from the files.

Chomper: I'll eat ya then!

G. Fan: No way!

Chomper: *Bites* Dang! It missed.

G. Fan: Goodbye!

Sunflower: Please, don't do it! Please, please, please!!! He can help us from zombies! Especially zombies with armor! What can I do so you don't remove Chomper?

G. Fan: Awww! NOTHING!! Muahahaha!!! >:D

Sunflower: NOOOOOO!!!!! *Shoots at Fan*

G. Fan: Fine. *Dissapears of nowhere.*

Chomper: YAY! Thanks, Sunflower!

Cactus: Let's go find some zombies. The timer runned out!

Me: The plants saw many zombies, and vanquished many.

Agent Pea: Yeah! *Get's KO'd* Sigh...

Plumber: We can capture this! Let's make our boss proud!

Me: The zombies finnaly captured the garden.

Camo Cactus: Dang! I'll stay here and find other zombies.

Baseball Star: Let's go capture the next! And then we'll celebrate with playing Baseball!

Hockey star: No! Hockey.

Goalie star: Let's just chill.

Cricket star: Nah.

Me: The plants finnaly defended the garden.

Peashooter: So now what?

Cactus: There's C. Dave!

C. Dave: Jump in!

Me: Later he placed them down at Port Scallywag. It was the time the plants understud their job. It was the time they was ready to do a massive punch. It was the time Dave said: Plant a garden.

Part 2: Garden Ops Edit

Setting: Port Scallywag, Driftwood Shores, California, 2008

Peashooter: So how do we plant?

Cactus: Ask Chomper. *Looks at Chomper*

Chomper: Don't look or ask me. Ask Sunflower.

Sunflower: Great. I'll take care of this. *Plants a garden*

C. Dave: POW! Prepeare your defences.

Me: The plants kept planting plants untill the zombies came.

Sunflower: *Does Wave gesture*

Me: The plants kept fighting 'till Zomboss slots. It got a Super Yeti wave!

Cactus: These Yetis are fast! Faster than normal.

Chomper: Ye.

Peashooter: So how are we gonna deal with these Yetis then?

Cactus: Guess we'll have to use our abilities then. They are SO SO different!

Foot Solider: *Launches a ZPG at Cactus*

Cactus: *Faints and gets KO'd*

Chomper: I'll try to get ya up!

Sunflower: You don't need to, I can do it faster.

Chomper: Ok, then! Thanks.

Me: The plants kept fighting untill wave 10

Dr. Zomboss: Now Zomboss Slots engage! They will decide your fate.

Me: This time it got a Super Gargantuar wave. The scene showed up.

Chomper: Lol scene.

Sunflower: Yeah. They are comin' now, though!

Peashooter: Let's get 'em!

Me: The plants kept fightin' 'till it was the time to escape.

Cactus: Okay, I'll take care of this! Just follow me.

Chomper: Let's go!

Me: Finnaly they came to the special place. They waited and kept fighting zombies.

C. Dave: You made that look easy! I'll be there in a minute.

Me: Then C. Dave came with his RV. The plants jumped in succesfully, and escaped.

Team VanquishEdit

Setting: Garden Center, New York, USA, 2009

Browncoat zombie: Iz aft vanquij plantz n ged brainz.

Dr. Zomboss: Sorry, but your not gonna be in the fight. Only the Z-team.

B. Zombie: Fhyz Notz? Vatz didz Iz dox?

Dr. Z: We need something with only Z-team.

B. Zombie: Finez.

Me: Nowwhere at the top of the Carolines buliding, the plants where waiting for zombies to come.

Dr. Z: Send in the zombies!

B. Zombie: Vit! I gav anuter kusdin!

Dr. Z: What? ("Stick" face)

B. Zombie: Vy pan y nut fikt t *Gets launched far a way with a missle* Ueeeeeeeeeeeaah!!!!!!!! *Makes a wierd move wich makes the missle land right in the front of Zomboss*

Dr. Z: RAAAH!!

Sunflower: *Vanquishes zombie*

Peashooter: There is an All-Star! *Shoots the All-Star*

All-Star: *Flees*

Peashooter: Dang it!

Cactus: Ya mean darn it?

Chomper: What ever. Shut up.

Cactus: You shut up!

Chomper: No!

Me: Chomper and Cactus starts to fight.

Sunflower: Hey you guys! Calm down.

Chomper: Nope!

Me: Something teleports of no where.

Peashooter: You agian?!

Voice: Yes.

Chomper: Who?

Cactus: George Fan? What do you want this time?

Sunflower: Noo! Don't remove Chomper!

Voice: I ain't George. I made a costume.

Cactus: *Shoots a spike at the mask* I knew it!

Peashooter: Wait... Isin't that a zombie?

Chomper: No, dummies, it is DRUM-LOUD TALKER PEA?! You that tells when someone gets 50 vanquishes?!

Drum-Pea: Yes, but countinue to vanquish, or I'll have to give the zombies brains.

Announcer Imp: But I does he's job as zombies.

Drum-Pea: Anyways, go and FIHGT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!!!

Sunflower: Yea, yea, whatever. *Gets launched far away*

Chomper: WOW, what the heck was dat?!?!

All-Star: Me! *Imp-punts Peashooter*

Cactus: Sucker! *Vanquishes All-Star*

All-Star: Sigh, you got me dis time, cactoos.

Cactus: Don't call me that! *Falls down on the ground*

Camo-Solider: Haha! *Taunts*

Sunflower: I'm not dead yet!

Peashooter: I'm back on track!

Cactus: So am I!

Chomper: Cactoos fistz bettah. Ma voiz iz somehovz baddzah...

Cactus: Stahp it! My name is Cactus. Deal with it, Chompie!

Peashooter: *Vanquishes a zombie* Yay! And there is Sunflower!

Sunflower: Hey guys, I found the way back!

Chomper: Gudd. Nuv, letz kik som gry buts!

Cactus: Let's go! Yeah, rock!!!

Chomper: Nahmint.

Me: They was now tied at 49 points, but the plants won!

Sunflower: Yay, we won!

Me: And at the zombies side...:


Engiener zombie: Okay, fine! Let's go. *Stretches arm up*

All-Star: Let's play Gnome-football bom-

Sceintist zombie: Shhh!!! I'm trying to find a way to stop the plants!

All-Star: Well, I have Imp-punt...

Enigiener: Seems like a sonic-grenade...

Foot-solider: ZPG! Zombie Poor Grenade! Just zomidding.

Sceintist: Sticky exploding ball. Just throw, and BOOM! Let's get ready now!

Gnome BombEdit

Setting: Shark Bite Shores, Driftwood shores, Zombeach, USA, 2010

Crazy Dave: Now, as I have teached you how to do this, you'll just countinue fighting off the zombies, my sprouts.

Peashooter: Ok!

Me: The plants did now everything by themselvs. Sometimes the zombies won too.


Refrences & Trivia Edit

  • The name "Varldon" is not a real name in Seattle. I just came up with it.
  • Many of the words are refences from Pvz: GW beacuse this fanfic is about that game.
  • (Almost) Everything in this story shows (almost) all multiplayer modes.
  • When Peashooter says: "I'm back on track!", the "back on track" is a song by DJVI, also known as a level in a game called Geometry Dash.

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