Ernest Huntington was a chemist that died due to a severe chemical burn on his head, which melted his face. The chronology of his death will be mentioned below.

On July 26, 2012, at around 7:30pm, he was doing some random experiments with sulfuric acid to see if the pH can be normalized to the point where it's no longer corrosive using certain bases. He put some bases such as the sodium hydroxide, sodium laureth sulfate, etc. He was very sleepy at that time, since he went to work at 5:45am, and he didn't even take a sleep or coffee break. When we asked the reason why he did these experiments, he said that he just had nothing to do. He was actually ready to go home, but he kept doing that despite all the dangers of doing such random experiments.

Around ten minutes later, Chris Herbert, which is his friend, called him during the middle of the experiment. He was smart enough to turn off any burners he used before picking up the phone, and he said that he's at his house, seeking for help to solve some chemistry-related problems that would later be used for Rockstar's next game, The Abusive Science. After a few seconds of talking with him, he continued the experiment. He didn't know that the next thing that happened would be the worst thing he'll ever encounter.

One of the beaker glasses contains the sulfuric acid. He picked it up for the next test. However, he slipped on the floor, causing the beaker glass to fall and shatter in the process. Alas, his head hit the floor as well as the acid on the floor, causing his face to melt. He screamed in agony and immediately flushed his face with some soap (which is what you should do if you get some sulfuric acid on your skin). After that, he called 911, but alas, he died before the ambulance came.

His face was reconstructed by Zomboss, and it's not his actual face. It is unknown if Zomboss did this intentionally or not.

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