This may be a dumb question, but actually it's not.

I mean, how could he move to the US if he is British, doesn't know how to book an airplane, and probably don't have cash?

If you're asking why he doesn't know how to book an airplane, it's basically because he lived in the 19th-20th century (1930s), so obviously he can't book an airplane because they weren't for public transports yet back in the 30s.

And if you're asking who is Carter, he is a famous archaeologist that discovered Tutankhamun's tomb. His full name is Howard Carter. No middle name, just like me.

I think it's because someone (possibly Zomboss) decided to dig his grave and take his skeletal corpse, then went to Zomboss R&D in the US by ship/plane, since they don't have such item verification unlike in the airport.

Then, Zomboss turned him into a zombie, and did some plastic surgery to his face to make him look young, and this is the reason why his voice is kinda like an old person, despite looks young; he died on 64 and took a plastic surgery. That's the reason why he has a white hair; he's an old person. Old people's hair usually whitens.

This is just a theory, but I think this is what might happened to him.

Zomboss probably wanted dead famous people to be a zombie. How weird. I think it's because he wants to see what happens if they're dumb, or maybe just for s**ts and giggles.

I've tried to ask Zomboss about this but he didn't reply. It's probably one of his secrets.

I don't know if the Paleontologist is Othniel Charles Marsh, or Edward Cope. They're both famous paleontologists.

Zomboss turned Scotese and Carter into zombies. Now who will be the next?

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