This is a story about Infi-nut that are being hacked by Dr. Zomboss, causing him to be evil.

Created by Ariq1144
Hacked Infi-nut


  • Future Zombie
  • Laser Bean
  • Peashooter
  • Infi-nut
  • Crazy Dave
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Imp Choirs
  • Squash
  • Marigold
  • Lightning Reed


One day, in a Pinata Party event...

Future Zombie: "Grargh..."

Laser Bean: "Shoot! Blast! Pew!"

Peashooter: "Keep shooting them! We're almost win!"

Infi-nut: "I'll just sit here to protect you!"

*The zombies start biting Infi-nut, and he's disappeared*

Future Zombie: "Der, we gat rid of dat nut! Now, let's moove..."

*After a while, Infi-nut regenerates*

Infi-nut: "Hey-o! Miss me?"

Future Zombie: "Wat the!? How? When?"

Infi-nut: "It's getting nutty!" *absorb a Plant Food, making a hologram wall*

Future Zombie: "Whaa?"

Laser Bean: "Beam! Beam! Shooted!"

Shortly, the Pinata Party ends with the plants achieving victory...


Laser Bean: "Actually, it's called pinatas, not pintatas."

Chapter 1: Hack ChipEdit

Crazy Dave: "Help me whack these pintatas!"

Laser Bean: "It's not..."

Crazy Dave: "ALBERT EINSTEIN!!!"

Laser Bean: "What?"

Not far from the plants, two zombies are hiding in the buhes...

Dr. Zomboss: "Conehead! Did you see that?"

Conehead Zombie: "Yeah, um... No."

Dr. Zomboss: *Facepalm* "Look! What did you see?"

Conehead Zombie: "Crazy Dave whacking pinataz?"

Dr. Zomboss: "No! I mean, look at that Infi-nut!"

Conehead Zombie: "Infi-nut?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes! And with the ability to regenerates, and his great Plant Food effect, my zombies are a little troubled by him!"

Conehead Zombie: "Zo what wuz your idea this time?"

Dr. Zomboss: "If we can make him into our ally, it will be great!"

Conehead Zombie: "Zo...?"

Dr. Zomboss: "SO, I will make a chip, then I will get the chip into his projector, then, BOOM! He's our ally!"

Conehead Zombie: "I hava question."

Dr. Zomboss: "What?"

Conehead Zombie: "Is there explozion in your plan?"

Dr. Zomboss: "What? No!"

Conehead Zombie: "But you said 'BOOM' earlier!"

Dr. Zomboss: "No! It's just... Forget it. To the lab!"

In the Zomblaboratory..

Conehead Zombie: "Uh, Dr. Zomboss?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Yeah?"

Conehead Zombie: "Why doez it takez you so much time to make a single chip?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Well then, TRY TO MAKE A HACK CHIP AND SAY THAT TO YOURSELF! By the way, it's complete."

Conehead Zombie: "Nowz?

Dr. Zomboss: "Now, you have to put this chip inside Infi-nut's projector."

Conehead Zombie: "How?"


Conehead Zombie: "Alrightz!"

A few minutes later...

Conehead Zombie: "Huff! Puff!"

Dr. Zomboss: "There! Did you put the chip inside the projector yet?"

Conehead Zombie: "Yeah, I put the chip inzide the projector, but something seems wrong."

Dr. Zomboss: "What's wrong? Which projector did you put the chip into?"

Conehead Zombie: "The one in the movie theater."

Dr. Zomboss: "AAAAAAARRRGGHH!!!!!!"

Chapter 2: Hacked!Edit

A lovely afternoon in the Flowerbed Hills...

Infi-nut: "Nothing like a sweet smell of flowerbed in the afternoon!"

Dr. Zomboss: *Came out from flowerbeds* "BOOYA!"

Infi-nut: "GAH!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Behold, the evil mastermind, the leader of zombies! DR. EDGAR GEORGE ZOMBOSS!"

Imp Choirs: "♪ Zomboss... Zomboss... "

Dr. Zomboss: "...Huh? By the way, it is I, Dr. Zomboss!"

Imp Choirs: "♪ Zomboss... Zomboss... "

Dr. Zomboss: "Aye? Dr. Zomboss!"

Imp Choirs: "♪ Zomboss... Zomboss... "

Dr. Zomboss: "DR. ZOMBOSS!!!"

Imp Choirs: "♪ Zomboss... Zomboss... "


Imp Choirs: "♪ Zomboss... Zomboss... "

Dr. Zomboss: "GRRRARRH! ENOUGH! What are you doing here? GO. AWAY!"

*The Imp Choirs runs away*

Dr. Zomboss: "Ahem. Sorry for that. Anyway, THE HACK CHIP!!!"

Infi-nut: "AAAHH!!!"

Meanwhile, the plants hear Infi-nut's scream...

Infi-nut: "AAAHH!!!"

Peashooter: "Hey! Did you hear that? That sounds like Infi-nut! I think he's in trouble!"

Squash: "That noise sounds like it's from the Flowerbed Hills!"

Peashooter: "Squash and me will find out what happens! You guys stay here!"

When they arrive in the Flowerbed Hills...

Peashooter: "Infi-nut! Where are you!?"

Squash: *Found Infi-nut lying on the ground* "There! He's right there!"

Peashooter: "Oh no! Infi-nut! What happened? Say something!"

Infi-nut: "I-I... I..."

*Infi-nut's eyes looks like he's error, and he's starting to vade*

Peashooter: "No! Infi-nut!"

Infi-nut: "B-Bzzz..."

*Infi-nut glows brightly, then suddenly he became giant*

Peashooter: "Infi-nut!"

Squash: "Uh... Peashooter? He became giant and his body are red... That can't be good, right?"

Infi-nut: "GRAAARH!!!"

Peashooter: "...Right."

Infi-nut: "GRAAARH!!!"

Peashooter: "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!"

Infi-nut: "GRAAARH!!!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Mwuahahaha! Take that, you pesky plants! I hacked your Infi-nut into a red giant! His health are increased now, and you can't defeat him because he can shoot lasers from his eyes!"

*Infi-nut shoots laser from his eyes, burning Peashooter's leaf*

Peashooter: "Ow ow ow ow! Hot hot hot hot!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Mwuahahaha!"

Meanwhile, at the garden...

Marigold: "Hey, did you heard that? That sounds like Dr. Zomboss!"

Laser Bean: "Yes it is! Let's go!"

Back at the Flowerbed Hills...

Infi-nut: "GRAAARH!!!"

Squash: "Huff! Puff! What should we do now?"

Peashooter: "We can't hurt him because he's our friend! For now, just keep running!"

Squash: "But until when?"

Peashooter: "Alright! I'll try to get his attention! You get Dr. Zomboss!"

Squash: "Right! I'll squash him into pieces! Good luck!"

Peashooter: "You too! HEY INFI-NUT! OVER HERE!" *shoot peas at Infi-nut*

Infi-nut: "GRAAARH!!!"

*Squash is jumping to Dr. Zomboss*


Dr. Zomboss: "Oh no! Infi-nut! Attack him!"

Squash: "It's no use! He won't listen to you! Now, prepare to get SQUASHED!"

Dr. Zomboss: "AAAAAHHH!!!"


Dr. Zomboss: "Cough! Cough! Welp!"

Squash: "Now tell me, how did you stop Infi-nut? Hurry!!!"

Peashooter: "Squash! Hurry up! I can't hold on much longer!"

Squash: "Tell me! NOW!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Ugh, ugh, MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It can't be stopped! I hacked into his entire system, he will not be stopped!"

Squash: "You..."


Squash: "TELL ME!"


Chapter 3: Anti-Hack ChipEdit

Suddenly, a flying van is seen over the horizon.

Crazy Dave: "Wabby Wabooo!!!"

Squash: "Crazy Dave!?"

Peashooter: "Crazy Dave!?"

Crazy Dave: "He-hey there! I just got this square thingy from the Zomblaboratory! When the first time I see it, I think maybe it's a chip to repair hacked Infi-nut."

Peashooter: "But you don't even know Infi-nut was ha- ...Nevermind."

Crazy Dave: "Hey! Mr. Boss guy! You're here! Look what I found!"

Dr. Zomboss: "No! The Anti-Hack Chip!" *closes mouth with hands* "Oops."

Peashooter: "That's the Anti-Hack Chip right there! Good job, Crazy Dave!"

Crazy Dave: "Did I won a pancake?"

Peashooter: "Let me see it!"

Crazy Dave: "Here 'ya go!"

*Crazy Dave give Peashooter the Anti-Hack Chip*

Peashooter: "Now, if only I can put this inside his projector..."

Dr. Zomboss: "Ooh! No can do! You'll gonna get toasted by his laser beam if you get near him! Mwuahaha!"

Peashooter: "Then we have to get this chip into his projector at a distance!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Wait, what do you mean?"

*Peashooter stuffed the Anti-Hack Chip into his mouth, then aiming Infi-nut*

Dr. Zomboss: "Wait..."

Peashooter: "Huff..."

Dr. Zomboss: "WAIT! DON'T DO IT!"

Peashooter: "P-TOOH!!!"

Peashooter shot the Anti-Hack Chip through the sky and the chip lands on the projector, absorbed by it.

Suddenly, Infi-nut start glowing brightly again and is getting smaller.

Peashooter: "I did it!"

*Infi-nut is now normal*

Infi-nut: "Hey, what happening? Where am I?"

Peashooter: "You're here in Flowerbed Hills, Dr. Zomboss hack you, and made you evil!"

Infi-nut: "WHAT!?"

Then, the plants arrived.

Laser Bean: "What's going on here!?"

Infi-nut: "Dr. Zomboss hack me, and made me evil! But thanks to Peashooter, Squash, and Crazy Dave, now I'm myself again!"

Laser Bean: "WHAT!? ZOMBOSS!!!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Eheheh. I'm just kidding! You guys do have a good sense of humor, right?"

*The Plants stare angrily at Dr. Zomboss*

Dr. Zomboss: "No?"


Crazy Dave and The Plants relaxing on a hammock in the beach...

Crazy Dave: "Hey, how's that Mr. Boss Guy doing?"

Peashooter: "You know, the usual. Rise the voltage, Lightning Reed!"

Lightning Reed: "Alright! Voltage raised!" *absorbs Plant Foods*

Dr. Zomboss: BZZT! "Please." BZZT! "No." BZZT! "More." BZZT! "ELECTRICITY!!!" BBZZZZZTTTT!!!!!

The Plants: "Hahahahaha!"


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